Tuesday Question

I read Tour Confidential yesterday, and, unless I missed it, they no longer have a comments section.  Did they make a change?  I clearly remember (I think) comments to Tour Confidential in the past because commenters would often answer the questions themselves.

If they eliminated commenting, it’s probably a good move.  Most commenters don’t have the intelligence of a snail.  The other day I read the comments to the TigerWoods.com announcement about the two cancellations and my IQ fell ten points.  It was mainly Tiger haters saying the same crap they have for ten years.  “The only thing Tiger needs is a whore!  LOL.”  That hasn’t been LOL since 2009, if it even was then.  Also, there were 60-something comments at the time, and half of them were written by one guy.

I guess my point is that comment sections and “social media” in general seem to have run their course.  Letting stupid and angry people have free reign over a newspaper or magazine is a losing strategy.  In the old days, a letter to the editor required a name, and address, and went through an editing/approval process.  Make that the good old days.

And if you think it’s bad in sports, check out political websites.

An added benefit of dumping comments is that the writers will stop trolling for comments.  Maybe there will be some actual substance to their articles now.  BTW, I’m not totally on board with the guy, but Michael Bamburger is a serious, thinking writer deserving of the term “journalist.”

The biggest problem with golf reporters these days, and news reporters, is they are scared to death to stray from the PC narrative.  They just won’t do it.  Spineless.

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