Monday Confessional

I don’t give a damn about the golf swing.

My own?  Maybe.  But certainly not about anybody else’s.

Dirty little secret:  Video of pro golfers swinging was shown to network “golf swing experts.”  The experts were not told the results of the swings beforehand.  The experts could not determine if the shots were good or bad.

Summary:  The swing analysis crammed down our throats is bullshit.

That aside, I’m not watching golf because it’s captivating to consider the mechanics of someone swinging a stick.  I’m watching for the competitive drama.


So, on CBS yesterday, it’s three minutes before golf is scheduled to come on.  There is 1:32 left in the Indiana-Michigan basketball game.  Michigan has a double-digit lead.  Those final 92 seconds lasted twelve more minutes.  Twelve minutes of intentional fouls and free throws.  (Basketball desperately needs rule changes.)  After the game ended, we got three minutes of commercials before the CBS golf telecast began.  This after a 30-minute “blackout” while the coverage was handed off to CBS from Golf Channel.

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One Response to Monday Confessional

  1. HennyB says:

    I’ve also had enough of Peter Kostis and the Konica Minolta Swing Vision crap. Its so annoying! Peter Kostis doesn’t know anything about the golf swing or proper mechanics. I find it hilarious when he “analyzes” a golf swing, he tells us how great a swing it is, even though the person has both their feet off the ground and their back, head, and neck are crunched together at impact. Doesn’t look too good to me.

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