Spieth Sunday? Semi Live Blog

6:20 pm Update

Jordon Coasts to Victory!!!

4:46 pm Update

This is still a golf tournament.  Spieth playing solidly, but can’t get putts to fall.  Kelly Kraft making a run.

2:52 pm Update

I just don’t get these breaks in action.  Idiotic.  We get Golf Central Pregame, which means all they do is talking about Tiger Woods.  Look, guys, at this point Tiger Woods is basically a nothing.  Even if he were healthy enough to complete four rounds, he wouldn’t make the cut.  So what does GC do?  They make their “comparisons.”  Spieth didn’t win as many times as a 19 and 20 year old as Woods did as a 24 and 25 year old, so Spieth sucks.  Great point, GC.  I hope GC goes under.  They are simply intolerable.  I’ll pay for the PGA Tour online access if I want Thursday and Friday coverage.  As for today, I’m already over at CBS watching a basketball game I care nothing about.  I can at least cheer for the clock to run.  Beats Golf Channel.

1:30 am Update

Jordan pars No. 1 when his 7-foot birdie putt just misses.  Birdies No. 2 when his eagle putt stops short.  Snedeker birdies No. 2 as well to remain six back.  Sixteen holes left.

10:00 am Update

Fake News from the UK

I criticize the U.S. media constantly, and deservedly so.  Let’s not leave out their British counterparts, though, who seem to be following the Americans down the toilet.

The Daily Mail tells us, “Jordan Spieth closes in on first PGA Tour title in over a year after building six-shot lead at Pebble Beach Pro-Am.”  Of course Jordan won at Colonial last May (thereby proving his shotmaker credentials).  Nine months, I’m pretty sure is not “over a year.”  Maybe it’s one of those color/colour things, I dunno…


Spieth leads 28-3 after three rounds.  Kick the field goal, Jordan, kick the field goal!

As everyone knows by now, the media, including the golf media, is just awful.  Just horrible people.  The way Golf Channel badgered Bill Murray yesterday was typical of an NBC property.  They shoved a camera and Phil Blackmar in his face and said, more or less, “Do something wacky, say something funny.”  (Nick and Nantz and the CBS crew were vastly better.)

What about Jason Day yesterday?  What a horrible round.  At least he finished strong.

Great celebrity contributions yesterday.  Bill Murray, of course, although Golf Channel wrecked his timing and karma.  Lots of country music stars, it seemed like.  One of the guys from “The Big Bang” was there.  (I’ve only seen that show a couple of times, but it is monster huge.)  Justin Timberlake nearly aced No. 7.  And that Kelly Rohrbach was certainly a Brandenburg Concerto for the eyes, not to mention a 7-handicap and member of Winged Foot.  Some of the athletes like Larry Fitzgerald and Peyton Manning depress me with their ho-hum I’m-good-at-golf-too talent.  (Thank goodness for Charles Barkley.)  Add Kelly Slater to that list, as well as some others I’m forgetting to mention.  Great celebrity contributions this year, too many to mention.  (Too bad Condi wasn’t on Pebble Beach Saturday, but maybe she didn’t want to be there for that madhouse day.  Besides, we got to see more of her shots on a weekday.)

Let’s state the obvious: AT&T hiring Jordan Spieth was a brilliant move.

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12 Responses to Spieth Sunday? Semi Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    Spieth has this locked up, so congrats to him. That miss by Sneds on 17 hurt my soul. Is it just me or is there occasionally a heinous sound on the broadcast like someone letting the air out of a balloon?

    • lannyh says:

      I might have heard that at one point. I thought it was some of the on-course “humor.” But I might not be thinking of the same thing.

      • Kris says:

        That’s what I thought the first time I heard it, too. I only heard it once today, but I heard it about 4 times yesterday. It must have been some kind of digital audio malfunction.

  2. the amazing sports-realist says:

    Had seen earlier that Spieth was winning…..Yeah, when Eldrick is 74 years old, will PORTER still be writing 6 articles to every ONE of the REAL golfers? When Eldrick turns 46, will they FINALLY give up on the MAJOR CHASE nonsese? When will this BIZARRE approach at reporting end??? Hasn’t the fair weather Eldrick fans gone onto liking the Golden State Warriors or the Patriots ect?

    • lannyh says:

      I can’t believe they are stilling twisting and distorting to make Woods mentions. Like… “Spieth is the first one to win on a course with a two-word name in a month with an ‘R’ by an odd number of strokes in each round since… you guessed it… Tiger Woods. And he did it twice!”

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        yeah that sounds like the golf channel….their viewership levels have to be getting close to an accidental change of channel by a cat on the couch to watch their pregame shows…..

      • lannyh says:

        It’s unwatchable. It’s as if the NFL pregame shows obsessed over Brett Favre, mentioning him every three minutes. Elling pointed out the other day that when Woods withdrew this time, it never even trended on Twitter. People just don’t care any more. Golf Channel needs to do some big league housecleaning.

    • Kris says:

      Let’s shoehorn in some Tiger parallels! Don’t forget Tiger has a press conference on Tuesday at Riviera even though he’s not playing! I honestly believe Tiger is like one of those attention whore starlets that calls the paparazzi to tell them where they’re going to be so they can end up in the tabloids. He’s always doing something to keep himself in the front of the golf media’s minds.

      • lannyh says:

        Funny that Woods is MC’ing a tourney he consistently skipped. As we know, like Colonial, it’s a shotmaker’s course. Not conducive to Big Driver/Rock Ishii ball bombardment. (Unless your name is Bubba Watson.)

      • Kris says:

        Riviera is one of my favorite courses on tour for that reason. In defense of Bubba, his creativity occasionally makes up for his lack of finesse. This tournament was the first PGA Tour event Tiger ever played, so he’s suddenly acting like he cares about it as part of his continuing attempt to rehabilitate his image.

      • lannyh says:

        Bubba has the distance AND the shotmaking.

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        this HAS to be his contractual folks telling him to KEEP his face out there, just so people think he’s still relevant….He’s like a politician at this point….Get the folks to BUY the tickets, play a few holes, exit stage left, and keep the pga and his contract folks happy….or at least that’s how it is playing out….

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