Celebrity Saturday! Pebble Beach Semi Live Blog

8:40 pm:  Spieth just absolutely spanked Pebble Beach and the rest of the field today.  Tomorrow looks to be a tremendous day.

3:30 pm:  Annoyances…  Golf Channel early coverage pestered Billy Murray to the point where he got pissed off.  Blackmar and the GC goobers need to understand their constant badgering amounts to heckling, not improv comedy…  Very late start (25 minutes late) due to a regulation basketball game, i.e., not an overtime game.  No excuse for that…

Spieth with a four-stroke lead, so the day is definitely not lost.

12:40 pm: After watching literally no non-live coverage Golf Channel in 2016, I must admit I’ve watched a little pregame and Morning Drive this year.  (Is Justin Leonard now with the Golf Channel?)  This morning revealed something amusing.  Rich Lerner (I think it was) was on as a remote call-in guest.  He said Tiger Woods has ceased to be a story.  He’s several years late, but, hey, at least he recognizes that now.

So, not long after, some other Golf Channel guy is discussing Spieth and says there are only two people whose every shot must be shown on TV.   Spieth was apparently the second, but the first was “Tiger Woods, whose every shot we will show.”  Pretty funny juxtaposition with Lerner’s comment.


These multi-course tourneys don’t really allow apples-to-oranges comparisons because some courses are substantially easier than others.  With that caveat, we have Spieth and Day tied for the 36-hole lead.  Not too shabby.


We all know there are many Tiger Only golf fans.  How many Anybody-But-Tiger Only golf fans are there?   I think both will soon be purged from the ranks of golf fans.


Steve Elling had a tweet out this morning (or retweet, not sure if the info was his or not) saying Woods and Mizuno had a deal fall through when Mizuno wanted to insert a minimum number of tournaments played.


[Latebreaking...   Jordan leads after 1-3/4 rounds]

Celebrity Saturday on the Monterey Peninsula

Many consider Saturday at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am to be the best golf day of the year.  Golf takes a backseat, but who cares?  The celebrity hijinks will have you belly-laughing from start to finish.  Movie, television and music stars with single-digit handicaps.  Movie, television, and music stars with… not single-digit handicaps.  There is hilarious analysis of the celeb’s golf swings — swings ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.

And Bill Murray?  Say no more.  The king of Caddyshack is as unpredictable as Hillary Clinton’s position on TPP.  The only guarantee is that you will be on the edge of your seat, laughing.

Oh, and a PGA Tour golf tournament to boot!

CNN Gets It Right?

Check out this Jack vs Tiger majors chart.  Nice addition.  About time!  Five years behind ole Lanny, but better late than never.

AdBlock, Whining, and Whitelisting

I get a kick out of the rapidly-multiplying websites that protest my use of AdBlock.  They whine about it, but they can remedy the situation themselves.  I have AdBlock configured to allow NON-INTRUSIVE ads.  All the websites have to do is agree to discontinue their use of intrusive ads and AdBlock will whitelist them.  (A fee is involved if the company is big enough.)  When a company asks you to turn off AdBlock, they are insisting you allow INTRUSIVE ads.  Sorry, I have no desire to read a website with intrusive ads.

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4 Responses to Celebrity Saturday! Pebble Beach Semi Live Blog

  1. the amazing sports-realist says:

    Yep, the pro am part of this thing I could do without…Like watching my uncles hack it around, then have their same BAD swings analyzed 30 times in slow motion…..Like watching a fat chick in slow motion, trying to be sexy with her um, swagger……yuck…..

    • the amazing sports-realist says:

      Pebble Beach coverage eventually feels like you are watching HOME VIDEOS of your vacation…Someone hits a shot, then 30 seconds of the beach, then another shot, then 30 seconds of a dog chasing a ball, then back to the beach then mickey mouse…Well, you get the idea…..It’s landscape overkill…..

  2. Kris says:

    Spieth has a 6 shot lead, but Snedeker won in 2013 and 2015. Based on trends, 2017 belongs to Sneds. I’m mostly kidding, but it would be funny.

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