Tiger Woods Legacy

[Note: If you are pressed for time, skip down to the section at the bottom (highlighted in red) and read Bamberger’s piece.  It’s really Rory expressing well-considered written opinions on a host of subjects.]

Same Thing — Love One, Hate One

If you are intelligent, the world is annoying and frustrating, but funny.  Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch recently said, “A judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge.”  The point is that many judges don’t judge cases on the merits, but rather on their own political views and affiliations.  Thinking people know this; it’s not shocking.

So Trump says the same thing using different words.  “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”  Trump refers to a specific judge and a specific decision.  Trump sees it as the work of, ahem, a judge who likes every outcome he reaches.

So the media attacks Trump — after having praised Gorsuch’s identical view.  And Gorsuch (who is admittedly angling to be confirmed to Supreme Court) now apparently has said Trump’s comment was “demoralizing” and “disheartening.”  Comments which echoed his own.  Go figure.

They were both expressing the same view.  Love one, hate one.  Here’s my newly-created slogan: “A person who rationalizes everything to his liking is very likely dumb.”

My Take on Tiger Woods Legacy Timeline

Great amateur career
Great Masters win in 1997
Career stalls
Rock Ishii ball makes Woods "legendary"
Career stalls
Anthony Galea makes Woods "legendary"
Sex scandal makes Woods a laughingstock
Galea scandal scares Woods and embarrasses Finchem
Career stalls
Anthony Bosch makes Woods "legendary" again
Biogenesis scandal scares Woods and embarrasses Finchem
Career fades to black

All accompanied by the Golf Media Choir singing “Great Tiger, Glorious Tiger.” (Well, not Dan Jenkins.)

White-Walshing The Facts

I was very disappointed to read David Walsh’s piece in the Sunday Times about Woods rapidly approaching the end of his career.  Why?  The pursuer of Lance Armstrong (for doping) refrained from mentioning Woods and his many associations with PED suppliers.  Like many PED abusers in the past, Woods’s body is falling apart and Walsh doesn’t mention the topic?

Don’t Miss This One

I’ve just read a little of Michael Bamberger’s piece on his correspondence with Rory, but it looks great, so I thought I’d mention it.  I’ve already got some comments for tomorrow.

Woods and the L.A. Open

Expect an avalanche of “what this means” articles from the golf establishment media if Woods plays, or if he doesn’t play.  Watch for the word “legacy.”  (My guess is he’ll “host” but not play.  If he were planning to play, he’d want to put that out as early as possible.  I’d guess the deadline comes and goes without Woods committing.  If he plays, he risks another WD.)

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One Response to Tiger Woods Legacy

  1. the amazing sports-realist says:

    Yep, the NEWS media is RIGGED…It’s as RIGGED as a 1970’s casino…..We know it’s RIGGED, because they REFUSE to tell us that Eldrick and PED’s go hand in hand…It’s RIGGED, because they NEVER, NEVER, NEVER talk about it…..Instead it’s all flowers and sunshine and barney songs….
    It will be interesting with the other PED’s, called PEDOPHILES and PIZZAGATE…This scandals really smells…..Makes watergate look like a garden party with those bacon wrapped chestnuts things…
    The Clintons tend to KILL all those who want to testify ect, and since the Clinton’s and Obama are both being apart of the Pizzagate PEDOPHILE ring, it will interesting to see how the RIGGED media treats the other PED’s……
    The media is disgusting…Tiger Woods showed how BLIND they will be, BUT if you were a REPORTER, how could you POSSIBLY just go along with pedophilia and pretend that it’s JUST politics…

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