Tiger is Right

Lots of talk about this newly-released video taped prior to last week’s Dubai tourney.  It’s worth watching for the footage of, and comments about, Dubai alone, but Woods’s point about the golf ball is what jumped out at me.  For my money, if they had frozen the equipment back when woods were wood and the Titleist balata ball ruled the roost, the game would be infinitely better today.  Hitting the ball flush mattered.  Now, like Woods said, they just swing as hard as they can and let the equipment keep the ball in play.  (Of course, he and Rock Ishii pioneered that equipment…)

Not to OD on Member Berries, but if you flushed it, the tactile feedback was like hitting a tennis ball with a baseball bat.  If you missed the sweet spot, it felt like hitting a fastball with the handle of that baseball bat.  Bees.

You get the impression, just from Woods’s general demeanor, that he probably finds the golf media ridiculous.  Surely, Tiger laughs at Chamblee’s lectures and at the media magnification of his own utterances.  He knows he can tell the media anything, and they will lap it up and run with it.  His body is held together with baling wire and chewing gum, and the media hasn’t yet been able to accept that.  Woods has said over and over that his swing changes were due to pain and injuries forcing him to make the changes; Chamblee still can’t get that through his head.

Anyway, Woods could add some humor to televised golf if he wanted to go that route.  I think you’d need to do something new, though.  The current televised golf format is worn out, exhausted.  I’d like to see Woods and Duval do a “Finebaum Film Room” during the majors.  Maybe just for the Saturday round.  (If you don’t follow college football, you won’t know what that is.  Think Mystery Science Theater 2000 for sports.  Of course, if you are young, you won’t know what that is…)

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