Back In Business

Long story short…  this website was compromised for about a month.

I pre-published a Christmas blog entry and then went and did “real life.”  Mostly good stuff, thankfully.  Christmas, a long-planned vacation, a daughter’s wedding, and some minor shoulder rehab.  My golf interest level dropped to zero.

Then last week I was tipped by a reader that someone had apparently hacked the website.  (Thanks to the reader!)  (By the way, I’ve only mentioned about 100 times that I have daughters but no sons.)

Anyway, I think things are back to normal, and I’ve changed to a tougher password, etc., etc.  I could make many comments about the type person who would pull such a stunt, but suffice it to say: total loser.

One last thing:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  (Nice I got that in before Augusta…)

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12 Responses to Back In Business

  1. the amazing realist says:

    Interesting, I thought it seemed different….

    • the amazing realist says:

      so far I’ve watched very little golf, but it was a sunny day, and made me think about the sport….the phoenix open is more of a parade, but it’s still golf…..It’s such a spectacle tournament, they might as well have Liberace and the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders all show up and do something(yes I know liberace is long gone)…

      • the amazing sports-realist says:

        If only Spieth had held on last year at Augusta, we’d be talking about a THREE PEAT…..

      • lannyh says:

        Man, my memory is going… Oh, yeah… No. 12. Ouch.

        He was threatening to get in the mix at Phoenix yesterday before failing to birdie No. 17 and then doubling No. 18. I hope he and Rory get pull things together in the next two months. It’s not getting any easier out there, what with Hideki, Justin Thomas, and now Rahm all heating up.

      • lannyh says:

        There was potential for Phoenix for a while, but the golfers I have interest in are rapidly falling by the wayside. Hideki is about the only one of interest to me near the lead. The top attraction for me this weekend looks to be in Dubai. Sergio, Poulter, Stenson look set to fight it out in the final round.

        Speaking of the Phoenix Open — the true name of the event — I kept seeing references to the “Genesis.” I had no idea what that was, so I looked it up. Why in the heck don’t they use the classic names for these events? The “Genesis” is the freaking L.A. Open! In just ten years, it’s been the Nissan, the Northern Trust, and the Genesis. Pretty soon they’ll change the name from day to day. It seems reasonable to me that calling it the Genesis L.A. Open would be best for all involved, including Genesis (whoever they are…).

  2. the amazing sports-realist says:

    Justin Thomas seems like he’s going to win a major fairly soon….It’s been two full years since Rory won a Major…. It will be interesting with all these CLUB changes, how much it HELPS Rory not have to use Nike clubs…..I really don’t know who is using what clubs at this point.
    Waste Management is one ugly name for a tournament, but I guess it’s their tournament to name right now.
    The competition is really tough right now….So much tougher than even 5 years ago…Putting seems to still be the name of the game, and Spieth is the best right now. Jason Day came back to earth, so not sure if he will be able to refind it……….I still remember had Willett’s wife gone into labor, Spieth would have also won the thing……I’ll still take Spieth winning at Augusta this year over anyone else….

  3. Kris says:

    I must say, being told “SYAGTH” legitimately hurt my feelings. Glad you’re back and doing well. Congrats to your daughter!

  4. Kris says:

    I’m so happy my boy Sergio won in Dubai. He led after ever round and never played scared. I think the Just For Men he used on his beard should be tested for PEDs.

    • the amazing sports-realist says:

      Sergio is getting BETTER at winning as he ages….Strategy plays a part of it too….Why Spieth is so good, because he combines talent with strategy that MOST don’t do as well..

  5. the amazing sports-realist says:

    They were doing mini interviews with Lebron James, Jordan Spieth, Phelps, and Serena Williams, talking about Brady……Spieth said what will be MOST remembered will be Brady’s longevity in being great…….In golf, GREAT is MAINLY defined by how long and how many Majors you win. Considering football is CRAZY more physical to play then golf, it’s amazing that Brady has now won superbowls from 2001-2017….That time span is longer than MOST PGA golfers even play….

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