End of the Year As We Know It

2016 Awards?  There won’t be any.  None of our Make Me Pay criteria were met, meaning no charitable contributions this year.  The obvious theme for 2017 is Make LannyH Pay Again.  We’ll recycle last year’s pledges:

  • Every Rory or Jordan major win: $100
  • Rory and/or Jordan winning Grand Slam (individually or combined):  $600 bonus, bringing total to $1000
  • Every Rory sanctioned win over four: $50
  • Every Jordan sanctioned win over four: $50

By the way, as you are surely aware, there is currently a war on “fake news” websites.  If this war is won, Lanny H Golf will be able to change our motto from “The Only Golf Website That Matters” to simply “The Only Golf Website.”

No fake news here and there never will be, because we take no money from advertisers, manufacturers, the media, players, golf organizations, tournaments.  You name it, we don’t take it.  In fact, the goal of this website is to lose money.  There is nothing coming in, but, with luck, lots going out via our Make Me Pay pledges.

So who are you going to trust?  Lanny H, or the guys manufacturing fake golf news to pay for their trendy lofts in Brooklyn?

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