Message for Jay

Jay, when you and all your fake accounts leave, would you turn out the lights?  Thanks.

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  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Only 1 account, thanks.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    Van de Velde back playing at Carnoustie, this time in the Senior Open….Hard to believe it’s been 17 years since that debacle….
    Still one of the BEST(if not the best), strangest/bizarre/interesting/sad/dumb moments in pro golf history..

    • Ken says:

      Mickelson in 2006 was a horrible collapse. I think Palmer doubled the last at Augusta to lose to Player in 1961. Snead missed a tiny putt on 18 to lose the US Open.

      But Van de Velde’s collapse at Carnoustie was in my opinion the absolute worst. He needed a double bogey to win. He tripled – and needed a six-foot putt at that – just to get into the playoff which he ended up losing. Got lucky to stay on land with a horrible drive, and with a three-stroke lead still tried to hit the green in regulation. Seven strokes, hitting the water and grandstand and a stone wall. He took his shoes and socks off and hit out of the water. It was epic. I could not believe my eyes.

      • DanishDude says:

        Other memorable collapses:
        – Norman against Faldo at the Masters in 96.
        – Adam Scott in the 2012 Open…

      • DanishDude says:

        And this one is especially painful:

      • Ken says:

        Norman had a bad collapse. But the ones that stand out in my mind are the final-hole meltdowns, where what seemed to be a sure win turned into a loss.

        You have to play four rounds to win the Masters. Norman just didn’t have it that day in 1996. I suppose it was a choke or a meltdown. But maybe not. Sometimes you get on the course and you just have nothing that day.

        Scott fell apart over the last four holes, so that was a pretty horrible meltdown.

  3. Peter McAlpine says:

    One of the more interesting golf blog articles I’ve read in a while.

  4. Kris says:

    Are you going to write about the PGA Championship, or are you shutting this place down?

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Kind of wondered the same thing. I’m sure he will.

      In the meantime, we have a 21 year old Canadian Amateur in position to do the unthinkable and win his National Open. I’m a big fan of Sneds and DJ, but, c’mon, seeing this amateur win would be outstanding!

      • Kris says:

        Snedeker has been struggling lately so I would love to see him win, but you really can’t beat the story of a hometown amateur winning his national open. Sneds said “I think I’m going to be the most hated man in Canada tomorrow”. Hard not to root for both of them.

    • Ken says:

      If Rory or Jordan are contending, I think we’ll hear from Lanny.

      He seems too have declared this golf season a loss. I really don’t get that. But it’s his blog. His favorite players haven’t won a major and so he seems to have lost interest.

  5. Sports-realist. says:

    If you can stand to watch Morning Drive on any consistent basis, I suggest you leave the country and start herding goats somewhere in some unknown territory…

  6. Sports-realist. says:

    PGA championship….um, well….Since the so called ‘big three’ are kind of all sucking at the same time, this seems to be a good tournament for another ‘first time’ major winner…..

    • Kris says:

      It would be nice to see somebody else get their first major. When’s the last time all 4 majors were won by first timers? That would be crazy.

      Lanny, have you abandoned us? Are you alive?

      • Jaybird77 says:

        There was a CBS article that touched on the “4 first time winners” fact. I don’t recall exactly but I think it was sometime in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

      • Ken says:

        9 straight first-time winners from US Open 2010 through US Open 2012.

        2011 Schwarzel, McIlroy, Oosthuizen, Bradley.

      • Ken says:

        Correction. In 2011 Schwarzel, McIlroy, Clarke, Bradley were the first-time major winners. Oosthuizen won the British in 2010.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Huh, must of got things mixed up. Maybe the factoid dealt with the first time we had 4 first timers, not the last time it happened.

  7. HennyB says:

    How about another Rich Beem hoisting the Wanamaker Trophy? I’d love to see that!

  8. Jaybird77 says:

    Fowler in a good spot after Round 1. Wouldn’t mind seeing him get it done this week!

  9. Jaybird77 says:

    Wait for it…..

  10. Jaybird77 says:

    Can’t help but notice how pitiful the greens look.

  11. Sports-realist. says:

    So will try 36 holes tomorrow with no re-setting of the groups following the third round….That is rather interesting, and will save a few hours…..Wonder if they have done this before for a major….

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Not entirely sure if they’ve done it for a major but they have definitely done this on tour before.

  12. Sports-realist. says:

    Would you rather watch morning drive for an entire show or be castrated?….. I know, it’s a thinker….

  13. Sports-realist. says:

    Patrick Reed might be the next Colin Montgomerie or Sergio Garcia….Great in the Ryder Cup but just doesn’t know how to win a major…

  14. Jaybird77 says:

    Walker, Day, Stenson, Koepka, Matsuyama atop the leaderboard…..has the potential to be an outstanding final round! Wouldn’t mind seeing any one of them take home the title!

  15. Sports-realist. says:

    Gonna come down to those back to back par 5’s, me thinks….

    • Sports-realist. says:

      JJ Walker with two rather unconventional birdies of a chip in and then a 30 footer and a two stroke lead…….You still think of how Spieth choked away that lead at the Master’s about at this point in that particular round…
      Can JJ hold on…

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Not really the same. Spieth had a 5 shot lead with 9 to play so his was truly a collapse. Jimmy could shoot even par or -1 the rest of the way and possibly lose.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Not sure anyone behind him is having that magical round, like the Master’s champ did….Everyone seems to be waiting on the par 5’s for their magical finish….Stenson fading and Day not doing anything……Does Jimmy even need to shoot under par the rest of the way? -13 could be enough..

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Initial response was based on -14 would probably do it and -13 had decent chance of being a playoff. But like you said, Stenson faltered and Day just can’t seem to hit it close enough.

        Big Par save for Day so it’s not over yet.

  16. Sports-realist. says:

    Phil just watched Stenson bogey and said you ##(#(*%*&##@()

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Really interesting if you think about it…Had Phil gotten THIS Stenson, Phil wins the British Open….
      Had Spieth gotten this Jason Day last year he wins last years PGA…..
      Willet had to play the best back 9 of his life, otherwise Spieth STILL wins the Masters…
      Today, I didn’t expect one the 40 some year olds to play the best for the 36 holes…
      Winning and losing is as much about timing as it is about skill…..
      Day’s average putt today seems to be around 30 plus feet…
      Walker has been steady, certainly nothing amazing to this point, but this year’s PGA steady should be enough to win, where last year you would have had to shoot out of your mind…..Welcome to the PGA.

  17. Speedy says:

    Hopefully, we’ve seen the last of this course for a men’s major.

  18. Jaybird77 says:

    Jimmy’s bunker hole out followed by 30+ foot birdie on 10 and 11 proved to be the difference.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      not to mention the Walker birdie at 17 BARELY goes in, otherwise he needs a birdie to win instead of a par on 18…..

  19. Sports-realist. says:

    3 wood? obviously now it seems like a silly move…an iron to 100 yards then 3 hit from there and an easy win…Instead, the 3 wood which now is going to need a SAFE 20-30 footer to two putt by Walker….

  20. Sports-realist. says:

    I’m on the east coast…They keep talking about the light…There is plenty of light….enough of the bs announcers….

    • Ken says:

      There were storm clouds overhead. It was dark, no BS.

      I was playing testerday in light rain on the east coast. At 7:00, it was quite dark.

  21. Sports-realist. says:

    clutch short putt by Walker…Oh great, now the blonde wife and kids show up…

  22. Jaybird77 says:

    To some, this was a disappointing year for Majors. Not for this guy.

    Danny Willett, a relative unknown, did what Schwartzel did in 2011, coming home on the back 9 to take the title in style.
    DJ, who had come close several times, and who has all the game to win multiple majors, finally got it done.
    Stenson, similar to DJ, has all the game, and made a storybook comeback after dropping to near 200 in the world once upon a time a few years back, gets his first major.
    Jimmy Walker, journeyman, 0 for his first 187 tournaments. Couple years back joins Butch Harmon and promptly rattles off a handful of wins and now takes it to the highest level with a Major at the PGA Championship.

    Maybe not the greatest year for some, but it’s been fun and now we have just a few weeks to cap it off with what should be a very exciting Ryder Cup.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Yeah, I guess we all are guilty at times of thinking we NEED the so-called TOP players to make it more entertaining, but that really is media-bs….I watch plenty of golf without Eldrick or Jack or Rory not in contention or even being there….
      Spieth really did make it interesting by winning the first two and almost winning the first three majors last year, so that kind of run is very fun to watch, MAINLY because we love streaks and records to be matched or broken…..
      Realistically, Rory needs to change his putting, Spieth seems like he’s righted the ship to a certain extent, and Day is playing better, so they aren’t going anywhere, but boy the PGA is a deep field now…..Compare this group to the 90’s and 00’s group of players, and it’s no comparison….

  23. Jaybird77 says:

    I understand the desire to use The Olympics as a way to promote the game of golf and it seems only natural to seek out Professional Golfers to assist by participating. But, as we’ve seen by the drop outs for 2016, and Rory’s comments about “not getting into the game of golf to grow the game”, a thought occurs to me.

    Club Professionals, a small sample of which was showcased at the recent PGA Championship, have, as a part of their job description, a responsibility to grow the game of golf.

    So why not let them be the base for which The Olympic golfers are selected? There are Club Professionals all over the world, in the trenches so to speak, trying to bring golfers to the game.

    A big part of The Olympics is telling the stories of the participants and it would seem to be a great chance for club professionals to tell their stories and help drive people to get into the game.

    Just a thought.

  24. Speedy says:

    Nike giving up on their shitty golf clubs.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Nike sees the economy is a house of cards….Still can’t believe that many idiots went out and bought nike equipment just because of Eldrick, but in just a few years after signing both Rory and Eldrick, they are calling it quits? huh…

  25. Sports-realist. says:

    Why pay Rory $250 million dollars then? Are you really going to sell that many shirts and pants? If they don’t do clubs for specific players, then why wouldn’t Rory change clubs….Go back to what he used before Nike came along……
    Obviously Nike is losing money with it’s golf industry…People aren’t buying $500 golf clubs, and those who bought them before are morons, esp those who thought it’s the reason these golfers were good in the first place…..It’s like mustard, any brand will do, and generic is just fine….

    • Speedy says:

      TaylorMade has been looking for a buyer for two years or more.

      All golf club companies need to come down to earth. Start with slashing their prices atleast by half.

      As well, most public or resort golf courses charging more than $50 – $60 a round are doomed.

      No wonder folk are leaving the sport in droves, and newcomers are practically non-existent.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Yep, in the 90’s, paying $30 plus dollars, even on weekdays for 18/cart was quite common…Now it’s $14-$18 in most places….Sure there are still some fancier courses with higher prices, but I would usually play a round or two of those on vacation ect….

        ‘Down to earth’ is a good way of putting it..Nike running sweat shops in foreign lands, paying little, then charging 10 times what it cost to make is why I’m fine with Nike leaving the golf industry……
        ‘Name brand’ stuff is MOSTLY overrated…..When you think of today’s retail stores, Aldi’s is growing because they use MOSTLY NON name brand items, which are basically the SAME thing, just not the established names……From golf balls to clubs, generic brands have caught up and are just as good as most of the really expensive items…
        SOMEONE in the golf business will eventually take that same turn, and put the ‘big’ names mostly out of business, or force them to adjust to the prices….

  26. Jaybird77 says:

    Don’t look now but Jim Furyk just did something that had never been done before on the PGA Tour by shooting 58 today. I believe he is also the only PGA Tour player with 2 official rounds in the 50’s in tour history.

  27. Sports-realist. says:

    So Olympic golf, which has ZERO tradition and probably will be removed as an olympic event in a few years, OR something else………I just can’t get into these olympics…I’ve watched literally about 10 minutes worth of all olympic coverage, if that…..

  28. Speedy says:

    So far, it’s suspected that one horse has received a mosquito or spider bite. All together, now, “Much Ado About Nothing”.
    Florida Zika to derail PGA Tour players/residents? Will they forsake their tax breaks and leave Florida for Iowa or Montana? Stay tuned.

  29. Speedy says:

    Where’s lanny h? Mosquito bite?

    • Kris says:

      LOL. Seriously, though, he fell off the face of the internet almost a month ago. I don’t think he’s coming back.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Nah, he’s just pouting because neither of his hero’s won a major this year. He’ll eventually come back.

  30. Jaybird77 says:

    Rose and Stenson got Gold and Silver locked down but Bubba and Kuch are still in the fight for Bronze!

    • Kris says:

      The battle for bronze is pretty exciting. Both the golf and the coverage this week has been great in my opinion. I disagree with building a new golf course for every Olympics, but I must admit having golf in the Olympics has been fun this year.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        It was….until Kuch went nuts with that 63 to secure bronze….which very easily could have been 61 as he par’d both of the final par 5’s. This final round, especially, has been very exciting!

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Did Allenby’s story end up false? I didn’t think they could really prove it….Isn’t it interesting how Rio is being defended by any claim of violence or filth or disease? sounds like NBC…nbc has defended muslims, in all these recent gun attacks, so ofcourse they are going to say Rio is now like the best place to go ever…at least for the next week or so….

  31. Sports-realist. says:

    So how would you make the end of the year in the PGA more interesting? Personally, I don’t care about the fedex cup…It’s just a gigantic purse for no reason, except to make it sound ‘grand’….Besides that, you have the Ryder Cup every couple years, or the really worthless ‘presidents cup’ every other year…..shoulder shrug….

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Instead of the tour championship being a 30 man stroke play event, make it a 36 man match play event to end the season.

      And, we’re overdue to scratch the President’s Cup and come up with a more modern day Ryder Cup Event of some sort that incorporates the world. If you think about it, the two events essentially require the US to play every year where the Euro’s and the rest of the world play every other year.

      I don’t know, let the Euro’s team up with the Asian players and let the America’s team up with the Aussies and S. African’s. I know that’s overly general, but it’s still an idea.

  32. Ken says:

    Did Lanny decide this site wasn’t going anywhere and pack it in?

    Despite his claims of influence in the golf world, trying to enhance his site’s reputation (like his claims of his “tough love” that helped Fowler), I don’t think there were a lot of readers. The comments section has typically been about five people.

    There’s a lot of blogs out there and it’s not easy to stand out.

  33. Sports-realist. says:

    another exciting $10 million dollar tournament, which means nothing to most of us…..With football and baseball going now, it’s a really, really hard sell to make this pga schedule matter right now…..

    • Jaybird77 says:

      I don’t know, it’s a pretty solid leader board this week. Football is still in preseason this week and college doesn’t kick up until next weekend.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Ofcourse I just played in a golf scramble today, but I still had little desire to turn on the pga golf, for some reason….I’ll probably watch a little tomorrow….
        I didn’t watch the Rio golf and this tournament has never fascinated me, mainly due to the ‘rich getting richer purse’, and what does it really mean, as far as the pga goes? In 5 years, this tournament may not exist…Alot of golf tournaments have come and gone….I just don’t see the ‘Superbowl’ idea for the pga any more relevant or interesting, than the golf in the olympics….

  34. Sports-realist. says:

    Couldn’t decide if Fowler or Reed would win this, as neither have been finishers to this point in their careers…Seems Adam Scott, Day, and Spieth don’t know how to make a come from behind win for most of this year either…

  35. Sports-realist. says:

    So golf or college football….hmmm……The $10 million paycheck should have some of that go to the fans to increase interest…It’s called ‘giving back to the fans'(I know, novel concept)…..Have $1 million of that purse go to the fans in way of a 50/50 style, or based on the fans ticket#, or also add a player on the ticket, so if that player wins, you are entered in a chance of winning some money…Perhaps give away 10 winners, $100,000 amounts…..That would increase interest tremendously, possibly even give a few of the winners to people at home watching, aka computer bracket thing…..
    No other pro sport GIVES ANYTHING back to the fans…If your team wins the Superbowl or World Series, your reward is HIGHER ticket prices and higher parking prices ect….

  36. Sports-realist. says:

    Casey has tended to kinda suck with the 54 hole lead….Now has a 3 shot lead to begin the 4th…..We’ll see…

    • Sports-realist. says:

      So 8 holes in and Rory has shown up tied for the lead, trying to get the big paycheck…..

      • Sports-realist. says:

        The golf channel is showing OLD footage and not live….Are we still living in the 80’s or something? Is anyone going to watch the NON leaders playing for about 2 hrs? not me…

  37. Kris says:

    I miss this place. Lanny, I hope you’re doing alright.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Not really sure why he took a break or quit, since the website is still up, he is possibly on a leave of absence…..Ofcourse no reason folks can’t still comment on here..
      The Ryder Cup can be interesting to chat about…..

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Indeed. Should be a good competition. US seems to always have the “on paper” edge but it hasn’t worked out as of late. I think this year is going to be different. Will be anxious to see the pairings for the first day. And also, who DLIII goes with with his final pick on Monday.

      • Kris says:

        I’m glad it looks like people will be here to chat with. I’m not sure about the rules of deactivation of a free wordpress blog due to inactivity, but hopefully it’ll stay up as long as people are still commenting.

        I honestly believe the final pick will be Bubba Watson, though I wish it would be Russell Knox. It seems horribly unfair to have a 24 man competition and not have the world number 19 playing. Europe snubbed him, but he’s a dual citizen of Scotland and the US. He’s been playing under the Scottish flag his whole career, but he could get a waiver and play for the US. I would love to see that. Either way, I’m hoping the US finally wins again. The Ryder Cup is getting as lopsided as the Presidents Cup.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        It does seem a bit unfair for the #19 player in the world not getting in to a 24 man event….which is why it would be an even bigger story if #7 Bubba didn’t make it. I too think it will ultimately be Bubba but would love to see Daniel Berger or Ryan Moore be the surprise pick.

  38. Jaybird77 says:

    Given what’s happening in the Tour Championship, I really hope Moore gets the final spot for the RC. I know it’s tough to pass on Bubba as he’s #7 in the world, but, Moore is proving he deserves it.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Moore or Bubba? Who is the better putter…..that’s how I would go about it….On the other hand, Bubba is very passionate about the Ryder Cup….Hilarious that Spieth stated he prefers the Ryder Cup to the this Tour Championship $10 mill thing…Ofcourse, that’s easy to say when you already have a few mill in the bank account…

  39. Sports-realist. says:

    Arnold Palmer…What can you say…..87 years young….Lived a full life, but just like all of us, we hate to see icons leave this present stage…..Although I saw Arnold, more as an ambassador to the game, then the ‘king’, during his prime…..His presence seems to add to any event…
    Now it’s all about looking back with Arnold, and with Fernandez, a young MLB pitcher dying today, we are reminded, how fragile like can be, whether young or older…..huh…..

  40. Jaybird77 says:

    That PJ Willett rant was something, something uncalled for. Now, personally I took it a bit tongue in cheek and kind of funny, but, dude, really?!

    Danny is gonna hear it from the crowds for sure. A bit unfortunate if you ask me.

    • Kris says:

      If American fans know what’s good for them they’ll be on their best behavior now. Prove his diatribe wrong. Also, I think most rational people realize that it is wholly unfair to hold something someone’s sibling said against them. I have to say, I laughed really hard at some of his descriptions, though. Hate brings out the creativity in some people.

  41. Sports-realist. says:

    The RYDER CUP…Well, here’s the thing, IF every 10 seconds, they show Eldrick sitting in the golf cart, so that they can talk ENDLESSLY about him playing in a few weeks, I will be watching very, very little of this event…..Since it’s on golf channel, which is one the WORST channels, I don’t expect very good coverage…Eldrick is a distraction, but that’s about it….The problem with him playing a few weeks, is the EXCUSE they are looking for to constantly show him….
    If America wins, will they actually give credit to Eldrick for being there? Considering his record is 1-7 or something at Ryder Cups, that would be a hilarious connection…But it is nbc, so expect some really, REALLY bad coverage now….

    • Sports-realist. says:

      4-0 start? huh…Even Phil who couldn’t find a fairway found a way to win….USA was down 7-1 in 2014 after the first days matches…..Garcia not making the putts, and with Westwood playing like Westwood, makes the Euros look rather average and not that deep….so far….

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Historically the US is much better at fourball than foursomes so it’s kind of scary that the swept the foursomes format. Can’t help but feel like they’re going to lay an egg this afternoon but I’m certainly hoping I’m wrong.

  42. Jaybird77 says:

    Was hoping we’d see a Holmes/Moore pairing and we got it. Now, hopefully, they’ll perform like I thought the could. So far they’re off to a slow start, though..

  43. Sports-realist. says:

    You could probably count on one hand how many SHORT iron shots, the Americans hit close in the 2nd round of today’s Ryder Cup….5-3 is still a decent lead…..

    • Kris says:

      I’m clinging to the stat that the US has led after the first day on home soil 12 times and have won all 12 times. Also, even though the US lost the last 2 matches they fought hard to stay alive until 16. The momentum shift wasn’t that large.

      The Saturday morning matches look like fun. I’m glad Reed/Spieth is playing the new Spanish Armada instead of Rose/Stenson for a 3rd time. We’ll see how breaking up the Olympic juggernaut works out for Team Europe. One player can carry fourballs, but one player can ruin foursomes.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Predict a split for the morning matches…..America should win with Spieth/Reed, and Snedeker/Keppka….Then I like the Euros with Mcllroy/Pieters and Rose/Wood…..We’ll see..

      • Kris says:

        Your prediction is looking pretty good right now. Fowler/Mickelson are playing from all across the countryside. Reed/Spieth just took their match 1 up. Koepka/Snedeker are a fantastic pairing that I never saw coming.

  44. Sports-realist. says:

    yeah, Snedeker is such a streaky player…Actually he could kinda could be a Garcia-esque type player in the Ryder Cup….Obviously when Snedeker can putt, he’s tough to beat….The way Mcllroy finished yesterday, he looks like he is in the ‘golf zone’…..
    Yeah Phil…He needs to drink more or something…Yesterday, he said how he was MORE nervous than in any Ryder Cup….

  45. Sports-realist. says:

    The lack of strategy by Spieth and Reed, once they were up by 4 really showed up here…Reed kept using driver, even after the Euros hit one into the trees…Reed then followed with an even worse shot….Then a hole or so later when Spieth tried to skip one over the water, instead of just laying up to around 50 yards or so, was rather odd……With ALL these co captains and captains ect, it just seems like NO one uses much strategy in these things…It’s just a bunch of pumping chests and yelling…..

    • Sports-realist. says:

      just a total choke by spieth and reed….I would quit pairing them together if they aren’t going to use any strategy with a lead….use your brain players…If you want to know why the US has struggled in Ryder Cups, it’s because there are too many Phil ‘go for every shot all the time’ Mickelson’s instead of playing smarter down the stretch…..Up 4 after 11 and you ALMOST lost? Wow….

      • Sports-realist. says:

        From a points perspective…Spieth and Reed have scored 1.5 points in 3 matches…That means their opponents have scored 1.5 points…a wash….

  46. DanishDude says:

    What the hell? .. a guy picked up Koepkas ball with a big smile on his face?

  47. Sports-realist. says:

    At this very moment, USA could be up 9.5-6.5….

    • Jaybird77 says:

      I would say 8.5-7.5 is more likely.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Wow, Westwood just can’t putt…It’s been that way his whole career….Similar lead tot he 10-6 lead a few years ago…If not for a few bs putts by Rose vs Mickelson, USA would have won that one too…..Can Spieth figure out a golf game? Something how Reed carried the team, as Spieth didn’t get any points..

  48. DanishDude says:

    Some questionable decisions by Clarke…
    Why break up a winning combination like Sergio/Rafa and play Kaymer in stead?
    Willet/Westwood over Wood/Fitzpatrick?

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Probably due to the rookies…..And you TRY to spread the ‘talent wealth’ a bit, but I understand what you are saying…The Euros have some weak links with the way Westwood is putting and Kaymer is playing….USA does have a better team, on paper….Just don’t think Europe has the fire power this time around….

  49. Sports-realist. says:

    The first 3 matches are very interesting…If all goes to Europe, then it’s down the veterans vs rookies for the cup….the USA team should be able to handle this one regardless….Zach Johnson goes last, and he is such a solid fairway to green player, he will be tough to beat if it goes that far…

    • Sports-realist. says:

      First off, get rid of Steve Sands and his HORRENDOUS interviews, in which he asks the SAME questions ALL the time….

      • Sports-realist. says:

        and ENOUGH of these idiot nbc dolts trying to give all this credit to Woods being there….Woods how is like 1-7 when PLAYING in Ryder Cups, suddenly his advice on how to get std’s from vegas prostitutes is really valuable….smh…

      • Kris says:

        LOL! Seriously. And I’m about tired of roid rage Rory. He claims the is fueled by the heckling, but he’s actually getting angry about it. With Reed and Poulter, their antics are part of the game they play. They embrace the heckling and never whine about it. The USA needs to put this away so everybody can party together, instead of the Americans sulking while the Europeans make drunken fools of themselves.

  50. Sports-realist. says:

    Lol, Mcllroy and Reed are clearly the entertainers here….Mcllroy acting like he’s on drugs when he makes something, and Reed, like the little brother, ready to mock Mcllroy’s bowing ect….
    Not exactly gentlemenly by either, but pretty funny….

  51. Kris says:

    I keep writing something, then having to delete it because things are changing so quickly. No matter what happens, this has been the best Ryder Cup I have ever seen in my life. Nothing but good golf.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Yeah, now its starting to look like a route….USA clearly the deeper team….Very impressed with how Phil played…… Mcllroy, Rose, and Garcia probably not winning any points in this final round….

  52. Sports-realist. says:

    I just have never understood how Garcia can putt SO good in Ryder cups, but SO bad in Majors ect…

  53. DanishDude says:

    Bubba Watson has started crying – I guess it’s a lock.
    Big congratulations to the US.

    • Kris says:

      It’s about time the US won again! Y’all can have it back in France. Haha. Seriously though, everybody should leave proud. Nothing but impressive from everyone.

      • DanishDude says:

        Thomas Bjørn of Denmark is a strong candidate for european captaincy in Paris, so you might as well hand the cup back now..

  54. Sports-realist. says:

    Well, yes the USA team have to prove they can win in the east…..Personally, I think the ‘captain’ pick is sooo overrated…..The players hit EVERY shot, and all that other is rah, rah speech stuff…..
    Perhaps pairings in the first two days are the most important function of a captain, but they also usually have vice captains and players giving their opinions…..

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Rather interesting…The last time the USA team won in Europe was 1993….The captain was Tom Watson(the same guy Mickelson was overly critical of imo a few years ago)….Anyway, that means Mickelson or Woods has NEVER won overseas in the Ryder Cup……
      The MAIN reason could be the way the course is set up….They did say that Love was able to have the course set up so the rough wasn’t penalizing…..In Europe, they set it up so the rough is tougher to get out of, hence the bombers like Phil and Eldrick, who usually SPRAY the ball all over the place, wouldn’t do as well on that type of set up…Expect a TALL ROUGH set up in France in two years….If we are here….

    • Kris says:

      The “rah, rah speech stuff” is a very important part of being a leader. Giving your team the motivation to win and fight for each other is critical. That’s what’s been missing on the US side and they found it this year. Clarke and Love were both great captains so it came down to just the golf, and it was magnificent.

      I don’t understand why a tougher course set up benefits anybody. Americans can putt as well as the Europeans and Europe has their share of crooked bombers. Wouldn’t you rather have non-penal rough and easy pins so you win holes with birdies and eagles and not pars? Maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather see a match tied with 63s than a match won with a 73. I think the Ryder Cup is going to stay competitive from here on out regardless.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Yeah I don’t remember the Euro Ryder Cup courses being set up too much differently on the greens…Seemed like every hole was in the center of the green in Euro Ryder cups too….Perhaps the rough was tougher, but not crazy tough…..Just made Rose sound small for commenting about that…..No way would Rose have commented on the pin placements ect, had the Euros won…
        It could also explain why Sergio does BETTER in this than in Majors….Majors ARE set up tougher, where these Ryder Cups are intentionally set up like the old “bob hope chrysler classic” pin placements….
        You perhaps have too, but I’ve coached and played, and YES, I gave the speeches and heard them too, but I honestly don’t remember any of them affecting how I played(in restrospect)…..
        I also don’t think Davis Love is exactly an Abraham Lincoln at speech giving…..He actually seems pretty dull, but that’s ok too….He put the players in the right spots, which is the PRIMARY responsibility of being the captain, but Phil and Reed played awesome, and I don’t give ANY credit to any captain for that…..

  55. Sports-realist. says:

    Rewatching some of this Ryder Cup, but you could make a REAL argument that the PEAK of ANY Ryder Cup in recent history was the 7th, 8th, and 9th holes between Rory and Reed….Why? The players reacted more like WWE folks than golfers….It was funny, interesting, and entertaining—not to mention some awesome golf between the two(at least for the first 9 or so holes)….

  56. Ken says:

    People are talking mostly about McIlroy/Reed, but the Garcia/Mickelson match was fantastic golf. It was like the British Open final round this year. Matching 63s, 19 birdies. Awesome.

    Sad how Westwood has the yips. Never an elite putter, now he’s got old nerves on top of that.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Actually the ‘Westwood’ pick makes this whole “Americans are the best again because they formed a committee” stuff, rather silly…..Westwood didn’t belong in this Ryder Cup…I don’t care how many points he’s had in the past, he’s a choke golfer…He’s a multi millionaire who doesn’t win, like alot of PGA folks….The NEXT time, the Euros will make sure not to have any sentimental picks…..Until American wins over in Europe, they can’t say how they’ve reinvented the whole Ryder Cup concept in America either….23 years? Wow, so Tiger, Phil, and all these present guys have NEVER beaten them across the pond????? Heck, if Spieth can’t figure out how to play match play, then who knows if they ever will win again over there…

      • DanishDude says:

        I hope you’re right. Westwood and Kaymer were really bad sentimental picks. Poulter would probably have gotten a pick over Thomas Pieters as well, had he not been injured.

        I really hope Russell Knox hasn’t given up on his Ryder Cup aspirations after being unfairlly overlooked. Paul Casey, also, would make a nice addition should he decide to pick up his ET membership again, before Paris.

  57. Sports-realist. says:

    The one thing that is probably overlooked about the Ryder Cup is how often the Europeans play in America, while most of the Americans hardly play in Europe, besides the British Open….

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