Jack Nicklaus Endorses Donald Trump!

Watch Donald Trump talk about Jack Nicklaus’s endorsement!

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3 Responses to Jack Nicklaus Endorses Donald Trump!

  1. Ken says:

    I wonder if this will have a positive effect for Trump. There aren’t a lot of people who command the sort of respect that Nicklaus does. It would have been more significant when Jack was younger. He actually might swing some of those republicans who say they could never vote for Trump, or who say they won’t vote at all (and in effect are then voting for that crooked bi**h).

  2. Speedy says:

    Maybe Jack has dementia, too.

    Meanwhile…”“I am more scared of my wife than any mosquito,”- Felipe Aguilar

  3. Peter McAlpine says:

    Wonder is Billary would help Jack build more golf courses?

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