Brexit Offers Hope to American Ryder Cup Team

With the U.K. no longer part of Europe, the Americans suddenly have a legitimate chance to win the Ryder Cup.

The European team will lose Rory McIlroy, Danny Willett, Matthew Fitzpatrick, Andrew Sullivan, Chris Wood, Graeme McDowell, Lee Westwood, Ross Fisher, and Justin Rose.

If the European team plays any of these players, the U.S. Captain must demand the matches be forfeited to the U.S.

American interest in the event should rise with this development, which makes it possible for the U.S. to actually win.

Going forward, I would like to offer a suggestion.  Starting in 2018, the competition should be the U.S. and U.K. vs the Rest of the World.  The Presidents Cup should be canceled entirely.

As the next U.S. president will have ties to U.K. golf, I suggest the very marketable name of Trump vs. The World.

Spieth vs Stenson.  Willett vs Matsuyama.  Rory McIlroy vs Shane Lowry.

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17 Responses to Brexit Offers Hope to American Ryder Cup Team

  1. Ken says:

    “Brexit” doesn’t change the European team. It’s geographical, not based on politics.

  2. Kris says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or call the white coats. You got soft for a little while, but now you’re back to the Lanny that got banned from all those comment sections. EU members or not, the UK is still part of Europe. I do think there should be a men’s version of the international crown, so I like your suggestion in theory.

  3. DanishDude says:

    They voted to remain in the EU in Scotland and Northern Ireland; chances are they’ll break free from the UK, so where does that leave McIlroy and GMac, not to mention the Captain, Darren Clarke?

    In all, seriousness, though – I wonder how the european team apparel will look after the Brexit and will they change the european Ryder Cup Logo?

  4. Speedy says:

    Wondering if Olympian golfers will wear a Zika ribbon (yellow), in memory of fallen cowards.

  5. Jaybird77 says:

    Brexit aside for the moment, your post made me go to the Ryder Cup website, and looking at how things stand as of right now…..I like the US team a helluva lot more than the Euro’s. I mean, if the cutoff was tomorrow, and these were the teams….you gotta favor the US be quite a bit.

    • Ken says:

      I agree, but the US team has often looked superior on paper and rankings. Then play begins snd they’ve tanked.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        True, but in the past the Euro’s have had more guys with a proven RC record. There are more unknowns as of right now for the Euro’s with no proven record.

  6. Jaybird77 says:

    In an event that so supports the military, it’s awesome to see Billy Hurley III win!!!!

  7. Ken says:

    In Tour Confidential this week, Gary Van Sickle had this to day about the Olympics:

    “The Olympics is strictly a for-profit, made-for-TV venture and this guy [IOC official] is annoyed because no Jason Day means the Aussie ratings might be done and the IOC may make a hundred grand less. Too bad, pal. I bet that guy isn’t going to spend eight hours a day walking the golf course swatting away mosquitoes. He doesn’t have the guts.”

    Spot on.

    • lannyh says:

      Here’s what I wrote February 27, 2014…

      “Anyone who cares about golf in the Olympics is rather easily led; a lot of crooked financial advisors would love to have your ear. Olympic golf has all the significance of, oh, holding a gymnastics meet in Augusta the Friday night of the Masters. (If you think about it, the field is going to be both small and weak, but that is beside the point.) NBC, being the “home of the Olympics” has a vested interest in building viewership for the Games any way they can, and, well, Golf Channel is an NBC property, so we are already being bombarded with tedious references to golf at the “2016 Olympics.” Not just references, but lengthy segments on the meaningless event which is more than two years away.”

      Not saying I’m way, way, way ahead of the curve, but I am.

      • Speedy says:

        No, you just said Olympics golf sucks. There was nothing in your “newsflash” about Zika or WADA.

  8. Ken says:

    Day is officially out.

    • Speedy says:

      Aussie men for ages prided themselves in being macho men. I guess the Sheilas have taken over.

      Even Greg “Shark” Norman condones his countrymen wimping out. Of course, he might’ve sung a different tune, had his Olympics course bid not fallen short.

      • Ken says:

        Why do you think that Day has any obligation to play in the Olympics? I think he made a worse move not playing in the Quicken Loans event last weekend.

        Why do people place this elevated stature on something because it’s in the Olympics?

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