Friday U.S. Open Semi-Live Blog

Evening Wrap

I turn on Fox Sports 1 to catch the closing action.  Within five minutes, they mention Woods.  Buh-bye.  I mean, are these guys trying to be funny?

Great idea to make Rory play one round stretched out over two days of rain.  Just brilliant.  Be sure to shaft one the two guys chasing Nicklaus.  Actually, they shafted both.  Pure brilliance.  Give DJ a ten-shot head-start over Rory.  Brilliant.

Had My Fill

Okay, as if this tournament was not losing viewers right and left on its own merits, an announcer decides he needs to discuss how many birdies Tiger Woods made ten years ago or somesuch.  Buh-bye.  Someone wake me up if Jordan works his way into the top ten.

Hurry, football season.  Only a couple more months.

Worst.  Tournament.  Ever.

Another rain delay.  This side of the draw got royally screwed.  Just as I pointed out upon seeing the pairings, this was NOT the week to put Rory and Jordan on the same side of the draw.  Total idiocy.  Ruined the tournament before half the field has even teed off.  By the way, the PGATour scoreboard is running behind and we don’t have ShotLink.  For some reason (money), the majors don’t use the normal PGA Tour leaderboard (the one place the PGA Tour does a decent job).

I’ll be pulling hard against everyone in the afternoon wave.

The Wonderful Golf Media:

So DJ is walking onto the course.  We’re told he is walking “with swagger.”  Huh?  What is that even supposed to mean?  DJ is soft-spoken, laid-back, and walks with nonchalance.  He’s lost two majors that looked like his.  So how does all that equate to cockiness and “swagger”?  When did America get so damned stupid?  He was walking with grace and equanimity, perhaps quiet confidence, not “swagger.”  Truth is, he was simply walking.  Leave swagger for the high school dropouts entering McDonald’s wearing a brand new pair of stolen Nikes.

A Little Later:

  • Rory now +4.  This is really shaping up to be a forgettable tournament.  Fans might forget it before it ends.  A ton of pressure on Jordan to save not just this tournament, but the entire season.
  • After last year, and even the year before, we were probably due for a down year.  But still, I can’t help but think the bullshit Olympics jammed on top of the already-disruptive bullshit “playoffs” doomed this season from the start.  The players are more concerned with dodging the Zika virus than with winning majors.  Thanks, Tim “Einstein” Finchem.
  • I had Fox Sports 1 on earlier, but thought I was watching a replay.  I changed channels.  Now I realize I turned away from live coverage, demonstrating another problem with weather delays.
  • One can’t help but think where Rory would be in his career if he hadn’t moved from Titleist to Nike clubs.  He went from winning pro tournaments as a teen to a “top Tour pro.”  He went from breaking 80-year-old U.S. Open records to “nearly on the level of Day and Spieth.”  It wasn’t just the clubs, either, he (i.e., Nike) he needed to be marketed as “buff” and “an athlete.”  I hope he turns it around, but Rory’s chances of catching Jack right now don’t look so good.


  • You just can’t generate enthusiasm without continuity.  Maybe things can return to normalcy now with the rain behind us.  Expectations are that Sunday will have a normal schedule.
  • Too bad Rory got off to a relatively poor start, as he’s had great success in the past on soggy tracks.  Maybe he’ll turn it around.  I heard Irish band U2’s “It’s a Beautiful Day” on the radio last night.  Another sign.
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8 Responses to Friday U.S. Open Semi-Live Blog

  1. HennyB says:

    I’m not exactly sure what Rory’s problem is but something is seriously wrong with this kid. I don’t know if it’s equipment, his engagement, work out regimen or what it is. As much as I hate to agree with Brandel Chamblee, I think there might be some sort of correlation between this body building fad and all the injuries happening with professional golfers. Not to mention loss of touch around the greens. If you look at the guys in the past Palmer, Nicklaus, Snead, and even Hogan these guys had huge arms and chests but it was all from hard work and manual labor. It wasn’t artificial. I don’t recall any of them being seriously injured throughout their careers. It just goes to show you, you still have to get the ball in the hole. I don’t hare how many box jumps you can do or how much you can bench press.

    Lanny, I would also like your thoughts on Nike putters vs. Titleist Scotty Cameron putters. Rory can’t putt worth a lick these days. He’s going back and forth between conventional and left hand low trying to get the ball in the hole some how. Remember when Woods went back to his Scotty Cameron during the British Open a few years back? There might be something to that as well.

    Finally, how many more times is Paul Azinger going to inject Woods into a given topic that’s being discussed by the announcers? Yesterday we had to sit through a lecture on how Woods controlled his temper better than anyone on the tour. I knew this was going to happen and said so on this site when I found out that he was replacing Greg Norman. I thought Norman did a fine job last year and its a shame they fired him.

    • lannyh says:

      First, I have no idea regarding the putter. No one is more ignorant of that topic than me. You make a pronouncement and I’ll agree to agree!

      Chamblee is down on body-building. Come on, he’s a little late to the party for that. I’ve been saying that for ten years, and I wasn’t the first. I’ve actually got a lot of research and good tidbits about that topic. I’m just too lazy to put it into an article. I might ask Mr. Elling if he wants it. Gary Player said in the future golfers will all look like Lebron James, but the fact is that, even in the NBA, guards have gotten smaller in the past 30 years. People say so much hogwash these days and idiots repeat it.

      Lastly, I agree with you regarding Norman. Somewhere along the line he became a “bad guy,” so it’s de rigeur to dump on him. It’s disturbing how some many people are bandwagon jumpers on small things in every day life. The perfect example is when the golf media decided Jordan Spieth was a short driver. I looked up the stats and found he was not short. He wasn’t DJ, but so what? Anyway, it’s been like two years since the, “You know, Jordan is not as short a hitter as people think.” Well, he never was. One or two of THE MEDIA said that, and then the blogger echo chamber repeated it. I mean, it’s too much effort to pull up the stats online and think for yourself.

      One other thing about size and durability: Kelly Tilghman famously and idiotically told Jordan Spieth he was not as big physically as Woods, when Spieth at age 20 was already BIGGER (slightly) then Woods. Anyway, the point is that Spieth seems to be willing not to alter his natural strength/fitness. The Gary Player stuff with stretching and modest strength training is okay. You know, it’s kind of like how we are always being told this or that food is good/bad for you, then they reverse that ten years later.

  2. DanishDude says:

    Lanny, I really think you need to lighten up a little bit – you’re getting grumpier by the minute.

    We’ve got Garcia, Westwood, Stenson and DJ in contention (best players without a major), it’s early days, but could get very interesting

  3. Kris says:

    I just came here to fangirl over my boy Serg. That was the most entertaining par in the history of the US Open. Nearly busted his tail in a weed-filled ditch, then made a 50 ft snaking putt for par. That’s why I’m a fan.

    There goes Graeme McDowell stealing his thunder rolling in an identical putt for birdie. Go G-Mac.

    The coverage hasn’t bothered me, but I only watched about an hour and half of it.

  4. Sports-realist. says:

    Azinger is really terrible, but most of the announcers suck…they are stuck in a time loop that needs to be updated..
    Just put an amateur announcer with NO experience on tv, while reading the usual 10 things that EVERY announcer is required to say, and you wouldn’t know the difference:
    1. that was a great shot.
    2. oh, he didn’t want to do that
    3. he is playing tiger-esque
    4. the wind is blowing out there.
    5. don’t be surprised is someone wins this tournament
    6. do you remember when Roger Maltbie said ‘better than most?’
    7. he started walking toward that putt as soon as he hit it.
    8. boy they love Phil Mickelson.
    9. that shot reminds me of how tiger did that one shot that one time
    10. these greens are fast….

    • lannyh says:

      I cracked up at #7. That may be the worst of them all.

      Oh, there’s definitely a No. 11: He pulled/pushed that putt.

      12. I didn’t see where that one went, but it sounded good.

      13. This, just earlier (while showing some guy they never show about to chip).

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