Thursday U.S. Open Semi-Live Blog

And you thought last year’s coverage sucked…

I was trying to watch, despite all the weather problems.  I really was.  But once Paul Azinger (or Curtis Strange, who the hell knows or cares), totally out of the blue, launched into some set piece about Woods and how well he controlled his temper, I said screw it.  Enjoy your 0.00001 rating, Fox.  Great changes.

A Sign That Rory Will Win

So I’m doing prep work this morning for the U.S. Open by watching Ringo demonstrate how to play drums on a couple of Beatles songs.  At the end of the video, Ringo sings a song, one with which I was not familiar.  Suddenly these words jumped out at me:

With my friend Rory
It was good for him

Stumbling upon those lines this morning could mean only one thing: a Rory victory.

A Sign

I just got a sign that Rory McIlroy will win.  I’ll explain later.

6:12 am Update:

Morning Drive starts with discussion of Phil Mickelson.  Because he’s such a huge story.  Not Jason, Rory, or Jordan.  Nope.  It’s Phil Mickelson, Big Story.  Bored, I change channels.  I flip back a little later.  Twelve minutes in, Woods is mentioned.  Buh bye.  Hurry, Fox Sports 1.


  • Jordan and Rory going early-late, which means completing round two on Saturday morning.  Not optimum.
  • Rory and Jordan, early starters, will play the course hard and dry today until the rain starts, whereas late starters won’t see the course hard and dry all week.  Not optimum.  [Editor’s Note:  It rained overnight.  Lanny doesn’t know what he’s talking about.]
  • Good groupings for Rory and Day.  Spieth’s is not bad.
  • I turned on Golf Channel yesterday to catch some coverage.  It was near the end of the hour.  I see Mickelson in a presser, and he is asked a tough question about his insider trading; he sloughed it off.  Very skillfully, let it be said.   The presser ends and within ten seconds, Brandel Chamblee is on-screen, saying something about… Tiger Woods.  I look at the schedule and find, incredibly, Golf Channel for the next two hours will show Live From, but rather some standard, pre-recorded half-hour shows.  I turn it off.  NBC’s television networks are a total joke.  Incompetent and corrupt.
  • Morning Drive starting right now.  I’ll give it a go.  It’s U.S. Open Thursday.  How long will I last?
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9 Responses to Thursday U.S. Open Semi-Live Blog

  1. Ken says:

    Going early Thursday might be a good thing. The weather looks good here so far. If they went late today, they’d be playing early on Friday.

    The rain is supposed to stop early Friday. Hopefully they’ll finish.

    • Ken says:

      I meant that they’d be playing early on Friday, finishing their first rounds. There’s possible storms in the Pittsburgh area later today.

      They may still have to finish their second rounds early Saturday if play gets backed up tomorrow, but right now I think Rory and Jordan have a good shot at playing in good conditions.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, I suppose the early/lates will have the advantage on Friday of knowing what they have ahead of them. They won’t have to worry about when play starts. They might not finish, but they’ll know when they tee off how many holes they are likely to get in, and then how many on Saturday morning. That might be better than sitting around all morning Friday waiting to be called to the course.

  2. Ken says:

    Good omen for Rory.

    Or a phenomenal omen for a Rory Storm & the Hurricanes comeback, since he’s long dead.

  3. DanishDude says:

    Ringo wannabe:

    • lannyh says:

      That was nice. I never really reflected that much on Ringo’s drumming, but most of what this guy played was more inventive than the norm. Lady Madonna and Obli-di-obli-da and a couple of others were pretty basic, but most of it really stood out.

      The “from above” ending must have been taken using a drone.

  4. Speedy says:

    US Open weather we know and love is upon us, but who could ask for a better weather gal than Holly Sonders. Great coverage, FOX.

    The t-storm I was just lookin’ at, has Pittsburgh in the northern edge of it. There may be more play after 7 pm ET. Unless the players say no after three stops.

    Players who don’t get out today are lucky. Good weather forecast for Friday onward.

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