Fonseca Doubles Down on Trump Supporter Ban !!!

Adam Fonseca recently asked on Twitter what he should do to attract 100,000 followers.  I suggested: “Repeal your ban on Trump supporters.”  His one word reply was brutal: “No.”

We will use that in our…

Survey of Fonseca!

I don’t read “golf media” any more.  I still read about golf, but it’s almot exclusively through Google News searches.  I never type in, say, to “read about golf” (although I might occasionally wind up there via search).  I also quit watching Golf Channel completely with the exception of live coverage; I did that January 1 and have not looked back.  (I should have done it sooner.)  As for Twitter, I follow Steve Elling, Dan Jenkins, and In Gee Chun.  I occasionally check other feeds, if the thought occurs to me, which is almost never; I occasionally ask a question or respond to a writer via Twitter.  I almost never comment on websites other than this one.  Maybe a couple of times at Shackelford’s this year.

My point is, these days, I’m not much of a golf media consumer.  I follow the tournaments on live television or via the leaderboard.  I read the major stories which I find via Google News.  I sometimes seek out “Tour Confidential.”  (Tip: Read the questions and Bamberger’s answers only, unless you are in the mood for a lot of eye-rolling.)

With that established, let’s take a random look at Fonseca’s website.  My first sample is a podcast entitled, “Protect the Narrative.”  The blurb was “This week it all about protecting the narrative. What should we be talking about in the world of golf, no matter how minuscule and trivial that thing might be? Is Jordan Spieth a good ballstriker? Is Rickie Fowler overrated? Who the hell cares?”

You can safely skip the first 17 of  the 31-minute podcast.  I found only one remark of interest: he spoke of hitting drop-kicks off the tee with his driver in a recent round.  I could relate to that.  (I wish there was more golf writing for things twice-a-month golfers find interesting.)  After that, there was a psuedo-ad for some kind of golf instruction place/person/method that held no appeal for me.  (Maybe you would like it, I don’t know).  Then there was a tedious discussion of Tiger Woods about things that were tedious five years ago.

Thankfully, it got better after that, although it still failed to live up to its promise.  A few highlights:

Fonseca mentioned the Crap Pack of golf writers that spend their lives on Twitter (that’s totally my description, not his) and remarked that they were talented writers.  Uh, huh.  Right.  His point about narrative is that all those writers tend to steal from each other and write the same things (again, my description).  And that that leads to crappy content, basically.  Of course, the problem is, Mr. Fonseca, click-baiting trumps quality content every time.

My view: We seem to be at Peak Crap on the Internet.  Worthless content, click-bait littering every page, autostart videos — the Internet is filled with filthy homeless people holding out their cups.  The first thing I do is click “reader mode” (thanks to the reader who educated me on that a while back), and lately many sites have taken to blocking that.

Oh, well, this isn’t about me.  It’s our Survey of Fonseca, so let me see what else I can find.  [By the way, this isn’t a hatchet job or anything. I just hadn’t looked at Adam’s website in a while, so looked it over out of curiosity.  In fact, even if the podcasts tend to be hit or miss, I highly recommend them over mainstream offerings, as you are simply never going to hear anything the least bit interesting from them.  If a podcast drags a little, it still beats endless commercials, doesn’t it?]  Let’s check his recent Mickelson insider trading coverage.

Hmmm… rather bland.  Extremely bland.  Disappointing.

Well, that’s enough from the world of Fonseca for me today.  Just one final point, tangential to the podcast, “Protecting the Narrative.”  Isn’t that exactly what Fonseca is doing with regards to Trump?  All the cool kids hate Trump.  “Why, he’s a racist, doncha know.  Trump said some illegal aliens from Mexico have turned out to be rapists.  Indisputably true, but clumsily spoken, so, “Hey, everyone, let’s create a narrative that Trump is a racist, and then protect it like hell.”

Hillary and her comments about “super predators” needing to be “brought to heel”?  Well, like I heard she apologized and shit or something.  No need to bring that up!

Narrative, narrative, narrative.

Oh, I almost forgot…  In his podcast about “protecting the narrative,” Fonseca repeated the inaccurate narrative that Woods made golfers rich, as if money didn’t concurrently go up in all sports.  Let’s not let facts stand in the way of a beloved narrative — even when we are mocking the idea of narratives.

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13 Responses to Fonseca Doubles Down on Trump Supporter Ban !!!

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    so golf channel showing their coverage as LIVE, with the info description, with the leaders only on the 3rd hole, while cbs sports shows the final round with the leaders already on the 10th hole…….

  2. lannyh says:

    Jay, get a grip. That was WAY too close to a threat. Don’t post that kind of crap on here.

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Sorry, but it just seems that the way Trump rubs people, it’s a serious concern. As far as I’m concerned a politician is a politician and they all suck so it really doesn’t matter who wins.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ofcourse it matters….unless you think transvestites/perverts going into anyone’s bathroom on any given day is normal….

      • Jaybird77 says:

        They all have their beliefs/faults. Trump’s just a lot more vocal about his….and he doesn’t seem to care either.

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    Meanwhile, another back door Top 10 for Ror’s.

  4. GUAdmin says:

    Thanks for reading and listening, Lanny. You’re always welcome to the site. If you’re ever interested in being a guest on the show, I’m more than happy to host the interview.

    Email to chat more:

    (P.S., I actually really enjoy your site. And not just because you mention me every so often.)

  5. Jaybird77 says:

    Not sure if anyone saw Scott McCarron putt out on the Champions Tour but….I know he was using a broom, and I’m fairly certain he had it anchored……which, by the way, is against the rules. Someone needs to take a look and DQ this dude.

  6. Sports-realist. says:

    Surprised Mcgirt followed the third round 64 with a win on Sunday, granted it was a -1 round, but still he had NO bogies…How many ‘veteran winners’ this year have choked their chickens either tied or with the outright lead entering Sunday…..Instead it’s now a first time winner in Mcgirt who stays calm and follows through on his final round……..

    • lannyh says:

      I remember reading about him a year or two ago. I didn’t know if he had won in the interim or not. Good for him — glad he got his first win!

    • Ken says:

      McGirt and Curran (have to admit I’d never heard of Curran) are two of the shorter hitters on tour, averaging only 284 and 270 off the tee respectively. Kind of surprising on a wet course that two guys like this came out on top.

  7. Peter McAlpine says:

    If you want “reader mode” on almost every website download an extension (add-on) called ‘Evernote CLEARLY’ (for firefox and chrome) You can select colors and font style ( I recommend ‘Segoe UI’ for maximum clarity). My work is done here

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