The Internet, Could It Even Get Any Worse?; Sports Authority Shutdown

Okay, this is a little different, but I had to mention it.  So I am looking at Google news.  I click on an article at Mashable about Twitter relaxing its 140-character limit.  To the side of that article, I spot a story about a college fraternity trashing a campground.  I click and it takes me to the original photos on Facebook.  So far, so good.

To the side of that, I see a photo of Ronda Rousey with the caption, “A Sad Day for Sports.”  I click, thinking there is news about her, and it takes me to what appears to be a story by a writer at ESPN.  In reality, it is an ad for weight-training “supplements” with no legitimate connection to ESPN.

This is the bogus story, for anyone interested.  Here’s a Deadspin story about these fake news articles.

Incredible.  Fraud advertising for what is, I assume, a fraud product.

One more reason why America needs to be made great again.


Sports Authority, a sporting goods retailer who sold golf equipment along with everything else, is going out of business.

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