The Real Shame of Muirfield

As you are undoubtedly aware, Muirfield Golf Club has voted to continue its ban on female members.

That is bad enough on its own merits, but consider what else this anachronistic decision means.  There will continue to be only men’s restroom facilities at the club, meaning there is still nowhere to pee for transgenders!

Oh, the humanity.

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7 Responses to The Real Shame of Muirfield

  1. baffled says:

    Have we become so PC that the democratic process is ridiculed if one doesn’t like the result? Under the Muirfield rules the members of a private club made their decision. The obviously knew what the implications would be. And they stuck to their guns. Personally I would have liked to have seen a different outcome, but I applaud them for having the balls to tell the PC legions to shove it

    • Jaybird77 says:

      I tend to agree. It seems that Muirfield considered maintaining their traditional men’s only status as more important than being able to host a Golf Tournament once every 8 years or whatever the rota is. I don’t agree with the decision but I agree with their right to make the decision.

      • lannyh says:

        What bothers me is that we are all supposed to go, in unison, “Tsk, tsk, what horrible people they are.” If you don’t, you are considered a morally inferior human being.

        It’s a club, for crying out loud. It’s not a bus, or a restaurant, or an airplane. It’s not the Men’s Only Grocery Store. It’s not a license to drive a car. It’s a freaking club.

        And not to sound like some far right wing kook, but last time I looked men couldn’t play in the WNBA. Or play on the LPGA Tour, for that matter. Think Rory would have a chance to jump in Poppie’s Pond? We have things like this: “The Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues (CCWI) is a Congressional Member Organization (CMO) registered with the House Administration Committee; its membership includes the women Members of the House of Representatives.” Does that bother anyone? No one that I know. But just try to start a WASP Males Caucus. Imagine the shrill, and feigned, indignity.

        Anyway, I could go on a long rant, but I’m sure everyone gets the point. I’ll just say that runaway political correctness has put Donald Trump in the driver’s seat for this November’s election. And that’s a good thing.

  2. baffled says:

    I have my doubts if the PC clock can ever be turned back. As mentioned in the lead article we are now planning a third door to public bathrooms. I believe now is the time to start up in the signs for crapper doors business. In 50 years time there will be a separate door for a one-legged, transgender, cross-dressing , Buddhist , dwarf.

  3. Ken says:

    The real shame is that it takes a great course out of the rota. The British Open has weak tracks like Royal Liverpool and St. Andrews in the rotation, where mild weather might produce -25 or lower someday. At least Muirfield and Carnoustie still provide a real challenge.

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