Insipid Golf Media Desperately Trying to Rehabilitate Mickelson Image

Within an hour of each other, both Golf/SI and Golf Digest released “cute” stories about something Mickelson said to his brother.  Well, aw shucks, ain’t that a real leg slapper!

Go read Shane Ryan’s piece on Mickelson.  I personally think he held back, but it’s as close to “tough” as you’re likely to see from the golf media.

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3 Responses to Insipid Golf Media Desperately Trying to Rehabilitate Mickelson Image

  1. Lanny, I have to ask … What do you have against Michelson ??? Are you envious, or is it that he could spend the type of $$$ he did ???

    Which one of us, if able, would turn down a hot stock pick ??? Who wouldn’t take any opportunity to reduce their tax debt ???

    Sure, Phil is a known gambler, but then so was Michael Jordan, John Thompson, and Bill Bennett … He didn’t hurt a soul !!!

    Phil is far from a villain, and I wish you’d understand that, and maybe go after the real villains in sport and/or golf … I do agree with you on Little Timmy Finchem, but for very different reasons !!!

    Thanks for allowing me to state my case !!!
    In the meantime,
    Rock On !!!

    • lannyh says:

      That’s it. I’m envious. You really exposed me there. It couldn’t possibly be that he stole money from other investors by inside trading. No, no. No, it couldn’t be his law-breaking that soured me on him. The problem is all me and my petty envy.

      Same as with Tiger. I was just envious of his money and all the women.

      In fact, a good rule of thumb is whenever I criticize someone, they are faultless and I am criticizing out of envy.

  2. Jaybird77 says:

    Maybe a shame but that’s the law for ya.

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