Saturday Semi Live Blog: Can Rory and Jordan (and Bud) rescue golf from the Mickelson Malady?

The Return of Rory:  Rory resumes play, knocks in birdie putt, leads by three.  Supposedly GC has a stream somewhere for the live coverage of the rest of Rory’s round.  I’ll try to find it.

Don’t try finding the Irish Open stream on the Golf Channel website.  Instead, just go to their Twitter account and take a link they have there.  It came up for me.

Delay:  Just when you are enjoying a golf broadcast…

9:50 am EDT Update:  Rory alone atop leaderboard.


How special would it be for Rory to win in Ireland and Jordan to win in Texas?

Bud Cauley, once ranked #53 in the world, has fallen all the way to #588.  A solid weekend would do him a world of good.  If this isn’t Jordan’s week, I hope it is Bud’s.  In fact, if those two meet in a playoff come Sunday afternoon, my heart will probably be with Bud.

I am fired up about this weekend’s action.  I hope I don’t wind up disappointed (again).  If I remember, I might even watch a little Morning Drive before the Irish Open live coverage begins.  I believe Rory tees off 11 minutes into the live coverage, so we’ll get his entire round.

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8 Responses to Saturday Semi Live Blog: Can Rory and Jordan (and Bud) rescue golf from the Mickelson Malady?

  1. Ken says:

    Love to see them both win this weekend.

    The prospect of a final pairing of Jordan Speith and Ben Crane is pretty frightening. They might have to suspend for darkness when they’re an hour behind.

    • Kris says:

      Isn’t that the truth. I like both Ben Crane and Jordan Spieth, but they are slower than molasses in January. The saddest thing is Ben is a lot faster than he used to be.

      • Ken says:

        I think Jordan is taking this “golf is a team sport” thing way too far. Not every little think needs to be discussed with your caddie. The PGA needs to get serious about timing and penalties.

        Even so, walking to your ball, waiting for the green to clear, waiting for your partners to hit – there’s plenty of time to converse with your caddie. Speed it up. It’s paralysis by analysis.

  2. Ken says:

    Wow. I didn’t realize that Cauley had fallen so far. He was so promising.

    I hope Spieth wins. Shut up some of the strangely-increasing number of Spieth naysayers (who will then rip on the quality of the Nelson field).

    People ripping Spieth since the Masters tend to forget that, despite the fact that he’s been so successful and we’ve been talking about him for a long time, he’s only approaching his 23rd birthday. Even though he’s a preternaturally mature young man, he still has some maturing to do a a player.

    He still gets down on himself after a run of bad shots and it does impact him.

    He isn’t yet a great closer. He struggled to win after his first win, until he won the Australian Open in late 2014. He had the big year last year, but consider this:

    1. US Open – takes the lead on 16. Then nearly hits it OB on 17 and take a double. Has to make a great second shot on 18 to set up a two-putt birdie and retake the lead for the win.

    2. British Open – ties the lead on 16. Bogeys 17, forgivable considering the high stroke average that the road hole plays to. But on 18, he needed a birdie to tie. The 18th at St. Andrews is one of the easiest holes in golf with a fairway a mile wide. He hit a horrendous drive left, leaving him a difficult approach and could only manage a par – missing the playoff by one.

    3. PGA. He never led, so it wasn’t a a failure to close. He trailed Day by two entering the final round. For all the talk of Day’s dominance and monster drives that day, he only beat Spieth 68-69. Spieth didn’t choke, but he didn’t make a lot of putts that we’re used to seeing him make. He could have put a lot of pressure on Day by making some 8-10 footers that you need to make in a tight final round of a major.

    4. The Masters this year. No need for further comment.

    A little more maturity, and Spieth may get that Grand Slam someday.

    • lannyh says:

      I think Bud suffered an injury, which took him off the Tour for a while.

      I noticed something this morning when I was looking at Spieth on the OWGR website. The Masters was his 10th tournament of the year — in thirteen weeks.

      • Ken says:

        Feels like we haven’t seen him that much. I guess he did play a lot early. Maybe the long break and vacation with Rickie and company will do him good, despite the missed cut last week.

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    It’ll be the single greatest day in the history of golf if Jordy and Rory both win tomorrow.

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