Flashback: Mickelson/KPMG Recalls Enron/Arthur Andersen

When Arthur Andersen was implicated in the Enron scandal, the reaction among the public was, “We never saw that coming.”

Certainly no one could say the same about KPMG now.  By maintaining their association with Mickelson, KPMG is telling the world they have no problem with million dollar theft.  If you own stock in a company audited by KPMG, beware!

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4 Responses to Flashback: Mickelson/KPMG Recalls Enron/Arthur Andersen

  1. lannyh says:

    I watched Golf Central to see what they would say about Mickelson. Jane Wells from CNBC was on and gave a decent segment.

    Then the Byron Nelson live coverage started, where GC spent fifteen uninterrupted minutes on Keegan Bradley. And that was just for one pre-shot routine.

  2. Jaybird77 says:

    Totally off subject but Jordan Spieth has got to be the slowest player on tour. The guy is absurd when it comes to pace of play.

  3. HennyB says:

    Jason Day is pretty slow as well. He takes forever to hit a golf shot. Forget about all this “visualize the shot” “see yourself making the swing you want” etc. Just step up there and hit the damn ball! I wish the tour was a lot more liberal in assessing a two shot penalty for slow play.

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