PGA Tour Travels From New Orleans to Charlotte

Bobby Wyatt finished fourth at the New Orleans Open and collected a check for $336,000.  So where have you heard that name before?  Well, if you like golf and have an IQ greater than room temp

Inside Baseball — File under Sounds Like A Personal Problem:  When I started this blog, WordPress made it very convenient to edit and update.  Now, after several rounds of “improvements” over the years, it’s worse than it has ever been.  Little by little, we have lost control and functionality.  We once could easily use very large, colored typefaces.  We recently lost flexibility regarding external links.  They force us to jump through hoops in order to use the old editor everyone prefers.  We’ve seen a slow, steady drip of such “improvements.”  It’s not horrible.  Yet.  But why change convenient things to make them inconvenient?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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5 Responses to PGA Tour Travels From New Orleans to Charlotte

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    It’s been known in golf circles for years that TaylorMade had a horrible business model and now it looks like it’s finally caught up to them as they are up for sale, along with Adams and Ashworth (All Adidas companies).

    Only surprising thing is they lasted this long.

    • lannyh says:

      So many of them are interchangeable to me. I don’t think I ever owned any of those products. Maybe an Ashworth shirt.

      I’m still depressed from my golf store visit the other day. I know the idea is to maximize profits, but it’s a shame golf can’t be a cheaper sport like, say, baseball. You buy a glove, a bat, and a couple of balls a year. Results should come from player skill, not from a player’s wallet. And, truth be told, if you could buy a golf game, I would have made it to a single digit handicap.

      A lot of my current lack of golf interest stems from the presidential nominee contests. The most fascinating of my lifetime. I guess they will go quiet (except for the conventions) during the golf majors season, so that will work out nicely. Then when golf ends in August, we have the home stretch of the presidential race.

      The SI poll had a lot of great questions about Trump and the Olympics. I might comment on my favorites in an article.

      • lannyh says:

        To heck with an article. I’ll do it from memory. I thought the lack of interest in the Olympics showed some decent player honesty. The players who would rather win a gold medal over the Texas Open were guys like Mickelson who had permanent Tour status and a pile of wins. A player at #555 in the OWGR wants the Texas Open.

        I found the support of Trump (and there were at least three questions) encouraging — and should embarrass Finchem for his panicky overreaction.

        I got a kick out of the Senior Tour player who said, paraphrasing, “Truth be told, I don’t know which ones are the majors.”

        Why didn’t they ask the women about a bar fight?

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    Since the credit card bubble has left people with less money to spend, people can’t buy this overpriced crap…$500 for a single driver???
    Courses are closing or are for sale in higher numbers than I’ve ever noticed…..I totally agree, the BUSINESS model is assuming economic bubbles of disposable income(which may NEVER come back)….
    Golf stores need to look at Aldis as a way of selling off brand models for less, but SELLING MORE….NAME BRAND just means you OVERPAY for stuff….So called ‘generic’ has gotten alot
    better through the years, and clubs NOT named Nike, Taylormade ect, work just fine…

    • lannyh says:

      I never bought a club that was a “game changer.” Maybe everybody else shaves three strokes off their handicap with the purchase of every club, I don’t know. But my ROI was pretty close to zero.

      I totally agree with using non brand name gear.

      The only gear thing I might mention is if, like me, you go years between having your clubs regripped, you might want to start regripping them every year. That seemed to make a difference for me.

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