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“Most Anticipated Event Since 1969 Moon Landing”

The buzz around this week’s tournament is the loudest I’ve heard in my life.  Not just for a golf tournament, but for any sporting event.  It transcends sport: This is the most anticipated event since the 1969 moon landing. —– … Continue reading

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Jordan Plays Horrible Horseshoe in 2-Under

Jordan  gets it done! Proves shotmaker skills by winning at Colonial! ***** Will Jordan establish his shotmaker’s cred this weekend?  That birdie of No. 5 makes me think Jordon figured out his swing.  Have you ever seen what is on … Continue reading

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The Internet, Could It Even Get Any Worse?; Sports Authority Shutdown

Okay, this is a little different, but I had to mention it.  So I am looking at Google news.  I click on an article at Mashable about Twitter relaxing its 140-character limit.  To the side of that article, I spot … Continue reading

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Can Rory, Jason, Jordan, Donald, and Ivanka Restore Golf’s Good Name? (I’m voting yes)

Starting off my Monday at @TrumpGolfBedminster, hosting our Championship Preview for the 2017 US Women's Open. I'm with three of the world's greatest athletes, @CristieKerr, @PaulaCreamer1 and @Brittany1Golf, who gave me a few pointers about smashing a drive (in heels, … Continue reading

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Washington Times on Mickelson: “outright criminal tendencies”

From the Washington Times: A closer look reveals someone with questionable character at best, and outright criminal tendencies at worst. Based on court documents and two sources, ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” reported in March that Lefty was part of “an … Continue reading

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The Real Shame of Muirfield

As you are undoubtedly aware, Muirfield Golf Club has voted to continue its ban on female members. That is bad enough on its own merits, but consider what else this anachronistic decision means.  There will continue to be only men’s … Continue reading

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Insipid Golf Media Desperately Trying to Rehabilitate Mickelson Image

Within an hour of each other, both Golf/SI and Golf Digest released “cute” stories about something Mickelson said to his brother.  Well, aw shucks, ain’t that a real leg slapper! Go read Shane Ryan’s piece on Mickelson.  I personally think … Continue reading

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