Masters Thursday Semi-Live Blog

Post-Round Update


What a perfect day at the Masters.  How fitting for opening day of the 30th anniversary edition of “’86.”  Simply perfect.  After watching the CBS replay of 1986’s final round and GC’s well-done ’86, this year’s tournament is strongly linked in my mind with the greatest tournament of all time.

I think the groupings were wise.  Instead of jamming top players together, causing distraction, they spaced them out, and, as a result, we are looking — potentially, it’s still early days — at a Rory McIlroy vs Jordan Spieth Sunday showdown.

Anyone notice Bernhard Langer, age 58, finished the day in the Top 25?  Berhard Langer was one of the players Jack chased down in 1986.

ESPN, immediately after the broadcast, cut to Sports Center and immediately started boring the world with basketball talk.  Like someone pointed out — Mr. Elling? — it was funny seeing Nick and Nantz doing the bulk of the work for “ESPN.”

Stupidstic or Stupid Awesome?  Justin Ray just informed the world that Jordan Spieth is the first player in history — sorry, Jack! — to hold the outright lead at the Masters in five consecutive rounds!

It occurs to me…   The other night, as I watched ’86, Brent Musberger explained how people were pulling for Jack in part because he was an American battling the European Invasion.  Mr. Musberger, I find that preposterous!  That might have been true for the other Americans in the field, but, sir, people cheered for Jack because he was Jack.

Rich Lerner just said Tiger Woods twice within ten seconds.  Off with Golf Channel.  I’ll try again later tonight.

3:00 pm:

  • The Answer:  The European Tour live blog just answered a recent question someone asked here:  “Even for a guy with Rory’s experience this is a massive day for the Northern Irishman. I’m sure he’s seen what Spieth is doing at the other end of the course, but such is Rory’s confidence in his own ability, he believes that when he’s at his best, he’s the best there is.
  • Best Day Ever:  What great day:  Jordan playing great and leading; live stream of Jordan is perfect — no ads, solid announcing, course ambience coming through, beautiful day, beautiful place.  It’s going to be a serious letdown to switch to ESPN.  If Rory is the featured group this afternoon, I’m sticking with  Oh, and the superior live stream is free.  You hear that, Mr. Finchem? Free.
  • Combo Deal:  I’ve watched the live stream with Steve Elling’s tweets providing the color commentary.  Can’t beat that.

10:25 am: Rickie Remembers.  Rickie Fowler starts with a double bogey on No. 1, then birdies three of the next four.  He must have drawn upon my words from the New Orleans Open last year.  He’s been a different player since I gave him that dose of tough love.

8:33 am:  Cinderella Story!  Jim Herman, who won his first event last week at age 38 to gain entry into the Masters at the last possible moment, leads!  “He’s the Cinderella boy.  Tears in his eyes, I guess.”

First Light

Why is Rory going off last in his wave?  That puts him very last today…  Some have complained at lack of “marquee groups.”  Lanny H Golf likes these non-forced groupings.  Fewer distractions for top players on Thursday and Friday means more “marquee” groups late Sunday…  Jordan breaking in new driver.  Look at it this way, the one he was using before was defective for a long time before it finally broke…  The ceremonial start will be at 8:00 am Eastern.  I guess watch Golf Channel.  Or maybe ESPN will have it, since they are doing the live coverage this afternoon.  For all the “alternative” ways to watch coverage these days, there sure doesn’t seem to be a clear schedule of what will be shown and when. trumpets feature group coverage beginning at 8:30, but they provide no names, at least not in a logical location…   SB Nation says the featured groups this morning are Rickie’s and Jordan’s.  That’ll work for me…  From Geoff Shackelford: Jack Nicklaus: “Change the Frigging Golf Ball.”

Live Blog Check…   A Chip Patterson has created a live blog at CBS… Is Kyle Porter gone?…  SI/ has a live blog…   I found something called 24liveblog with a live blog.  Looks like the CBS names (I see Porter listed).  Is this the backend to what CBS provides?…  The Euro Tour’s live blog…  Sky Sports live blog…  Golf Week’s live blog

Twitter…  Dan Jenkins…  Steve Elling

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11 Responses to Masters Thursday Semi-Live Blog

  1. Ken says:

    I read about Jordan’s driver breaking. Sounds like a non-event. Much as these guys are married to their clubs, do you really think he could tell the difference between two Titleist drivers from the same factory manufactured to his specs with the precise same tolerances? I doubt it.

    • lannyh says:

      I guess it just introduces an element of doubt, more than anything else. Of course, the exhausting media (Dufner’s word!) will spin it one way or the other. Jordan plays well: He was thinking so much about his driver that he forgot to get nervous and thus shot a great score. Or, he seemed distracted by the driver, and thus shot a poor score.

    • Anonymous says:

      They were talking about it on Live at the Masters and the key they focused on, which is 100% correct, is it’s pretty much all about the club shaft, not the club head. So, with adjustable technology they just had to take the broken club head off and putt a new one on.

  2. Ken says:

    Varied performances from the “Big Four” today. 66 for Jordan. 80 for Rickie. Day with 31-41-72. Rory -3 walking to the 18th green.

    Love to see Spieth repeat.

    • lannyh says:

      I’d love it, too! Day was inexplicable. He looked unstoppable most of the day.

      • Ken says:

        Sometimes Augusta seems so easy for these guys. But it sure can bite in a hurry.

        Very surprised by the 76 and 75 from Scott and Bubba today. Bubba died on the back 9.

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, Rory’s approach on No. 18 was a good example. A few feet left and he’s putting birdie, but instead he winds up with bogey.

        Bubba and Adam, yeah, I totally expected them to contend. Shocking.

  3. Kris says:

    Highlight of the day – Tom Rinaldi calling Shane Lowry “Shane McLowry”. Wowza. Poor Shane and poor brain dead Tom.

  4. Ken says:

    Langer can still play. Don’t know if he even has tour staus as I don’t think he won in the US outside of the two Masters. I think he could contend at the right course on the regular tour.

    Afew years ago he got off to a hot start in the final round and I really thought he might win the Masters at 53 or 54 at the time.

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