ALERT: Steve Elling Joins Vice Squad


Doing Google news searches last night or this morning, I stumbled upon an interesting article.  I was shocked and elated to see the author: one Mr. Steve Elling.  I bookmarked it (in my title bar to keep it in front of me) to discuss when I got a chance.  (I must admit I have not yet read it!)  The title drew me in because I’ve often made the same point:  “Why The Masters is the Easiest Major to Win.”

So, today, I’m watching the Masters coverage and reading Mr. Elling’s tweets.  A fantastic combo.  As Mr. Elling is winding things down, he tweets a link to an article at Vice.  Recognizing the website from earlier, I immediately went to check it out.  Mr. Elling is labeled a “contributor,” and today’s was his fourth article about the Masters.  Looks like Vice may have hired Mr. Elling to cover the Masters.  If so, I hope it leads to more golf majors or, better yet, a full-time golf/sports coverage gig.

Anyway, I sat on this too long as it is, so get your tail over to Vice and start reading Mr. Elling’s articles.  I plan to catch up on all of them first thing tomorrow morning.  I urge everyone to read, comment, post to social media, etc.

I can’t write this without telling you about an interesting coincidence.  When I was making my live blog list this morning, I went to CBS Sports to see what kind of coverage they had.  I was asked to take a survey.  It was semi-long, but I patiently answered all the questions.  One of them allowed a written response: “What is CBS Golf missing?”  I answered with two words: Steve Elling.

Anyway, Elling hooking up with the vice squad is very titillating news.  (I just got a message from WordPress that I exceeded my daily allotment of puns in that one sentence.)

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5 Responses to ALERT: Steve Elling Joins Vice Squad

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Read the first linked article. Pretty much stuff we already know. The Master’s, for all the fan fare and glory, is the easiest major to win due to the smaller field and inclusion of players that have a less than 0% chance of winning. It also, clearly, favors long ball hitters and if your go to shot isn’t “the right kind of shot” you pretty much don’t have a chance either.

    One thing that comes to mind for me is the fact that it is held at the same venue every single year, versus the other three that move around. Now, that by itself doesn’t mean too much but if you factor in golfers generally play courses they are familiar with better, then guys that get to play in this event year in and year out, probably have an additional familiarity advantage. Hence, the (only) 1 first time winner.

  2. Ken says:

    I’ve read from sources for a long time the opinion about the Masters being the easiest to win. It is – once you’re in. I like the way it is run. Easiest to win, but toughest to get into the field. Not a lot of Shaun Micheels, Todd Hamiltons, or Rich Beems winning the Masters.

    • lannyh says:

      Limiting the field definitely ups the chances of a “name” winning the tournament.

      • Ken says:

        I think they could do away with most of the amateur invitations. But for the pros, I like that you really need to earn your way into the field.

      • lannyh says:

        I like the amateurs and past winners okay. And I’m fine with the small field; they march to their own drummer, and I admire that, and it is for the best of golf fans most times.

        What it really comes down to is they don’t want to start groups on No. 10. But it is weaker: Like Jason Dufner recently tweeted, there are pretty much 144 players any given week who can win.

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