Masters Wednesday

Quote of the Day:  “Golf announcers are so exhausting.” — Jason Dufner

Amen, Jason.

Par Three:  I’m not a fan.  Rather, I’m a fan of it as a fun outing for kids, but not as something to be hyped and covered live.

Rory:  Glad Rory is skipping the par three, but will the winds this week doom him?  That’s the knock on the lad.

Times Are A-Chang’d:  I’ve all but quit watching Morning Drive, Golf Central, and Golf Central pre- and post-game.  Now I find Live From doesn’t hold my attention.

Back in the day…  Today at 5:00 pm Eastern, GC will replay Jordan Spieth’s first Masters victory.

Where to Watch:  You know how newspapers often have “Where to Watch” advice for fans?  I went to one of those places at Augusta once, but I can’t remember where it was.  It was NOT one of the famous holes.  My guess is the No. 7 green.  The selling point was that you could see a lot of action on other holes.  My take was that you could see a lot of other holes, but they were far away and you might see just a stretch of the fairway.  It was kind of out in the open, with the view unobstructed by trees.  Anyway, does this sound like a place anyone has seen on a “Where to Watch” list?

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