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Thursday Night Roundup

Exciting day coming up tomorrow!  Jordan, Rory, and Jason will play meaningless rounds!  And Rickie Fowler will be playing for…  I don’t know, is he mathematically eliminated or still in the hunt?  Who the heck knows.

Bring back true match play!!!

By the way, I turned on GC this afternoon to watch some action.  I came in at the point where Smylie rinsed two in a row, handing Rory the hole and evening the match.  I believe GC broke for commercials at that point, then returned with — get ready for it — a segment on Tiger Woods.  I am not kidding.  It was a video replay of a guy saying, “Better than most,” on a Woods putt, and then they had that announcer start discussing how he felt that day or something.  I turned it off, never to return (the movie “Bullitt” was on a movie channel) and just now checked the online scoreboard.

I’m one of the biggest golf fans in the world, and I find GC coverage unwatchable.  That can’t be a good sign.


It’s early yet, but already this golf season feels “lost” to me.  Maybe last year was too hard an act to follow, I don’t know.  Or maybe it’s the Trump phenomenon overwhelming everything else.  Whatever the case, I have been less than captivated thus far, and lately began thinking what it would take to keep this year from coming off the tracks entirely.  Some thoughts:

  • Rory or Jordan winning this week would be a good start.  Meeting in the finals would be huge.
  • Rory or Jordan must win the Masters.  A final round, final group pairing would add much-needed spice.
  • Alternative Masters scenario: Bubba winning his third in a romp, making people debate the merits/fairness of the course.
  • Wildcard: Adam Scott going crazy all year long.

Wednesday Kickoff

Tim Finchem and the golf Power Elite have turned what was once the greatest day in sports into three days of tedium.  As if that’s not enough, they scheduled their Three Days of Slumber to compete against the win-or-go-home March Madness Sweet Sixteen.


  • Location/Schedule Change: Two or three has-been golfers didn’t like Dove Mountain.
  • Format Change:  The same players, and a few others, didn’t like losing in the first round and having their weeks end after one day.

So, by all means, bend the event to make the participants happy.  To heck with golf fans.  We can’t inconvenience Phil Mickelson, can we?  Poor little thing.  A one-and-done week is just too much to ask from a guy making tens of millions a year from corporate sponsor endorsements.

As for me, I used to love this event.  Wednesday was my favorite day of the entire golf year.  If you doubt that, go back and read what I wrote in the years prior to the format change.  Now?  Well, I still haven’t bothered to look at the brackets.  Oh, wait, there aren’t any brackets.

Maybe someone can wake me Friday night when there are brackets.

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20 Responses to Wed-Fri Semi-Slumber Blog

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Thought you might like to know that Jason Day got injured and probably won’t continue.

    • Kris says:

      Doug Ferguson reported that Jason Day’s agent said he received treatment and intends to play tomorrow. Either Jason was being a drama queen acting like he could barely walk, or those golf physios have access to miracle treatments that normal doctors don’t.

    • lannyh says:

      Seriously? That’s terrible to hear. I just a while ago took a quick look at the results and saw Rory and Jordan got W’s today. My dislike of this format continues to grow. You can’t look ahead to see who might meet or anything.

      Just recalled Jason and Dubi’s Duel in the Desert. Arguably best finish of any tourney since 1986.

  2. Kel says:

    I agree with you 100% on this matter. I could barely keep myself interested in coverage today. Quit watching after 30 minutes. I did see Jason Day writhing around in pain. Maybe he should quit texting with Tiger? Rumours abound about a steroid test that Day had to take last week. Coincidence?

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    The “Big 3” may not be playing for anything but I’ll enjoy watching them in person tomorrow!

  4. Jaybird77 says:

    Yes sir! Have access to the event so I’ll be there in a few hours.

  5. DanishDude says:

    Fowler has a chance if he wins his match against An and Dufner-Piercy ties. This will result in a four-man playoff.

    Rory has to beat Na to advance.

    Jordan and Jason both need at least a tie to secure advance. Should they lose other players can force playoffs.

    So none of these matches are by any means “meaningless”.

  6. Kris says:

    This round robin format in a field of 64 is too much. It’s reduced the match play into FedEx-cup-style math and confusion.

    • lannyh says:

      Total agreement.

    • lannyh says:

      To Jay: I inadvertently deleted your latest comment about the Match Play. It was one of those deals where I was trying to type a replay, but the context wasn’t in the reply box (I think the context switches on its own sometimes, as part of a screen refresh or something) and it took the characters I typed as shortcuts and dumped the comment I was replying to, i.e., yours. Normally that is no problem, but right now I can’t get to the main screen to reverse my screwup. Sorry about that; I hope you continue to post the great first-hand info.

      To All: I can’t reach my server to update anything. I have access to these comments via the stats page (which is accessible for some reason), but that’s it.

      I can reach the site through a proxy server, so I know it’s up. I tried to edit through a proxy server, but that failed. Oh, well, WordPress or my provider or someone doesn’t understand the the Only Golf Website That Matters needs to be functional for Match Play weekend.

      I think what happened was this… either a WordPress website started flooding my ISP with spam or sending some kind of cyber attack traffic, or someone on my ISP started flooding WordPress with that. Until they determine the culprit, they often block the entire segment or server.

      To All:

  7. Jaybird77 says:

    Absolute blast today! Chamber of Commerce day at Austin CC and, being up close and personal, the course is phenomenal!

    Started at the putting and chipping greens where we saw some players but no one really of note (okay, Kuchar is of note to me).

    Then worked over to the first tee where we watched a few groups tee off. After three or four groups, worked our way up to the area by #1 green which was very close to #6 green. Could watch guys come through #1 and then run over to #6 green/#7 tee to watch players again. Highlight was watching Kevin Na stuff one pretty close on #7 and then Rory step up and put it inside of him.

    Saw a variety of players including the big boys Jordan, Jason, Rory, Bubba, and Rickie. Another highlight was seeing An knock it in on #13 for eagle against Rickie.

    • lannyh says:

      Good stuff. I’m jealous. Wish I could have been there. It’s been too long since I was at an event; I’m not sure I’ve seen ANY of those last five y0u listed. Maybe Bubba or Jason before I knew who they were, but definitely not the other three.

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