Monday Stray Thoughts

Good on Jason:  Congrats to Jason Day for the nice win.  Has a strong grip on OWGR #2 and within easy striking distance of the top spot.

Bad on NBC:  The early round Saturday meant tape-delayed coverage.  Not NBC’s fault.  However on Sunday…  I watched Man Utd deal a blow to Man City.  It ends, and golf starts.  Nice, I think, I’d kind of forgotten about golf, what with March Madness.  Within 30 seconds, the announcer starts a speech about Tiger Woods.  I turn it off.  Later, I think to check the online leaderboard at  I see Jason needs to get up and down from 90 feet away.  Good timing!  I turn on NBC to watch the conclusion.  The first thing out of the announcer’s mouth?  Something about Tiger Woods.  I turned it off and “watched” the play-by-play on the PGA Tour leaderboard.  Sunday afternoon, Jason needs to get up and down for the win, and NBC goes into their Tiger shtick?  I already quit watching Morning Drive and the Golf Central pre- and post-game.  Add now to that list: the live coverage when NBC’s crew is handling the tournament.  I’ll make exceptions for majors and other big tournaments, obviously, but for run-of-the-mill tournaments, I won’t bother turning on NBC.

With no further comment:  Plan B For Out-of-Work Journalist.  Similar theme to one I linked a while back, but there were several items I had not heard before.

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4 Responses to Monday Stray Thoughts

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    I too am a fan of the Match Play and do like the new format. But TGC copied the NCAA in botching, badly, the announcement of the bracket. Pointless 2 hour show where the host, pretty sure it was that Burr guy, probably said “group of death” a couple hundred times, proclaiming the last group announced as the group of death. I think it has Willett, Koepka, Hoerschel and Van Zyl. Huh? It was so egregiously bad that Chamblee was pretty much mocking him by the end.

    There are some intriguing groups to start the first 3 days. One that sticks out to me is the Sergio, Leishman, Moore, Westwood group. That looks pretty tough to me.

    I’m gonna guess you’ll be all over the Spieth, Speith’s good friend, Dubie and Donaldson group, which should be a good one too.

    • lannyh says:

      I forgot all about the announcement show, which might indicate only Morning Drive watchers even know about it. That “group of death” stuff is just plain idiotic.

      They ruined the tourney with the groups. Can you imagine … “Middle Tennessee State upsets Michigan State!!! Now, Michigan State will have to win both their next two games to advance…” It just drains all the excitement.

      Jay Monahan or whoever needs to take over for Finchem posthaste.

      Spieth and Thomas are grouped together? I know that was random, but some of these pairings are worn out. I don’t think it helps the players, either. Last I saw of Vic, he was furious at the end of a good, but relatively meaningless, fourth round somewhere or other.

      Golf is too fun a game to be destroyed, but The Powers sure are trying. Endless season, carney barker promotion, obsession over irrelevant players, expensive and over-manicured courses, pullcart shaming. (Pullcart shaming! Not bad!)

  2. Peter McAlpine says:

    I’m able to get through the pathetic/ boring coverage by keeping my laptop in front of me during all golf. When they deviate from what I want to see I am able to focus on something more interesting, like twitter or kitteh videos, and then look up to catch the “good” coverage. This helps keep my sanity in check during TV golf and helps pass the time

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Agree, I rarely, if ever, tune in simply to watch. 99% of the time it’s background noise while doing other things. But, this was so over the top it was beyond ridiculous. I mean, when you hear “Group of Death” every 5 seconds, litterly, it’s going to catch your attention no matter what you’re doing.

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