Saturday Semi-Live

Nice Answer to Typically Stupid Media Question:  In case you have not seen this:

Rory Report:  Rory off to another good start this morning.  But he’s too far back.  The scourge of any professional golfer is the “bad round,”  and Rory’s been struggling with those this year.

Lion-Hearted:  Folks, maybe you can help these brave citizens patrol for those who don’t respect First Amendment rights.

Azalea Futures:  We are a mere three weeks away from Masters Sunday, and I am not sure what to predict.  Some of my azaleas bloomed in December.  This is new territory for me.  Others are in bloom now.  This might be one of those years when Augusta National has to ice the azaleas to keep them from blooming too early.  (That’s a myth, by the way.  Or is it…?  Actually, my inside sources tell me it’s a myth.  Or do they…?)  I feel brave, so here’s my forecast.  The azaleas behind No. 12 will be as flowerless as the hedges in a steeplechase race.  No. 13 will still have a few wilting blossoms, but more petals will be on the ground beneath the bushes than in them.

A Closing Note Oh, I almost forgot a little matter: Tonight or tomorrow, I’ll be posting an exclusive interview with PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.  That’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it?  (My critics just wet themselves.)

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One Response to Saturday Semi-Live

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Good answer to a dumb question but would have been even better if he responded with a question of his own “why ask such a stupid question?”

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