Thur/Fri Arnie Semi-Live Blog

[Don’t look now, but Rory is off to a roaring start this morning.  -3 thru six, about to play a par-5.]

Friday Morning: This website was created out of frustration with the media control of the golf world.  They pushed a lie-riddled narrative out of self-interest, and they clamped down on dissenters.  In other words, Tiger Woods’s popularity dropped from 91 percent to 17 percent, and the media proclaimed Woods was “as popular as ever.”  They avoided mentioning Dr. Galea and Rock Ishii.  And if you left a comment on those forbidden topics at any of the popular golf websites, it would be deleted.  Thus, Lanny H Golf came into being.

That media deception was mild compared to what is going on in the case of Donald Trump.  However, my familiarity with media manipulation in the world of golf makes it easy to recognize the tricks used against Trump.  It’s depressing, though.

Trump himself is well aware what is going on.  Check out some of his recent comments:

  • “They are so dishonest, these people are so dishonest.”  — Trump discussing the media during his March 13 rally in Bloomington, IL
  • “All we want is for them to be honest. […]  The level of dishonesty of the press is beyond belief. Far greater than you would ever think. […]  They do stories that are so bad, that are so wrong, and knowingly wrong, they do it for headlines, they do it for whatever. And they’re all having a hard time, you know, they’re losing money. But a lot of them are losing money because people have given up on them.” — Trump discussing the media during his March 13 rally in Cincinnati, OH.

7:15 pm Update:  I watched a little of the action this afternoon and was sorely disappointed.  People beat up on CBS the past two years for horrible Saturdays at the L.A. Open, and they deserved it.  But NBC/Golf Channel just butchers golf.  They make it unwatchable on Thursday and Friday.  When CBS has the weekend coverage, Terry Gannon is the anchor on Thursday and Friday, and he’s heads-and-shoulders above anyone this side of the Atlantic.

What set me off today?  The nonstop yammering about nothing.  The lowlight was when TWO announcers commented on the same putt — between the ball leaving the putter and reaching the hole.  And no, it was not massively long.  The first: It needs to go up a little hill to a shelf.  The second: It’s tracking.  Silence is golden, fellas.

It was like that all afternoon (at least while I watched).  I also saw the obligatory CEO interview.  And one of the stupidest graphics ever.  2,500 balls or so have been hit into the water in the past 15 years or some such.  Totally meaningless.  If you want to give a stat like that, take five minutes and give us something of interest:  At this event, the average water balls per player round is 1.28; the Tour average is 0.49.  Or whatever.

Feherty is not the problem.  He does his thing, and I’m not a huge fan of it, as it’s worn thin on me.  That said, at least he tries to add to the broadcast.  He had an aside about kilts and bagpipes and Ireland which was a nice tidbit.  No more than ten seconds and we moved on.  The other guys just flap their lips in the wind, with no purpose.  Trying to watch NBC with this gang is like trying to watch a movie with someone nearby yapping on a cell phone.

Oh, one positive thing, and it’s not minor if my observation is accurate.  It seems like they showed a ton of shots, moving quickly from hole to hole.  If flowed smoothly, too.  A few seconds to get your bearings, then the shot, then the result, then on to the next hole.

One last thing.  Jason Day played some nice golf during the time I watched.  I really enjoyed watching.  Might have something to do with the camera work, I don’t know.  In fact, here’s how I’d grade NBC today:  Camera work: A+.  Announcing: F-.

Last comment…   Why was Sam Saunders on more than Rory?  I guess I know the answer, and I didn’t intend to be rude or mean by asking, but, truthfully, I wanted to see Rory over Saunders.

Country Lanny’s Morning RFD Report

Let’s start up with a musical act that shows some real potential.  If they are sleepy, that can be excused.  After all, they got up at 2:00 am to drive here for this morning’s show.  Let’s give them a big Country Lanny welcome!

I’ll tell you what.  She sings like I write.  Alright, we’ll give crop and livestock futures in a minute, but first in the world of golf:

  • Well, it’s the week of Arnie’s tournament.  Has there been a worse Florida swing in my lifetime?  Hurry, Texas!  I think it’s Match Play next, then Houston.  Or, if you prefer, Dell then Shell.  I absolutely hate moving the Match Play from February, but I have always liked the event, so maybe it will liven things up when it starts.  Besides, the primary season goes into a month-long slow period now.
  • I heard on the radio today that Arnie will not be a ceremonial starter at Augusta this year.  Makes me sad.
  • By the way, did you see that Donald Trump got 30 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida yesterday — even though he was running against two Hispanics!  I think we might have a Mr. President handing out the trophy at Doral next year!  Well, that is if Mr. Genius (Tim Finchem) doesn’t manage to move the event before then.  (Is there anyone in the world with a worse track record of betting on the wrong horse?)  (Or should I have said “a better track record of betting on the wrong horse”?)

Okay, commodities.  Brought to you each and every day by J.T. Branniker’s Tractors and Farm Supplies.  Corn up, soybeans down, and let’s see, wheat down.  For a full report, click here.

And now, with much sadness, I present for the final time on Country Lanny’s Morning RFD Report, our long-time co-host, Dolly Parton.  We’re splitting up due to artistic differences, I guess you could say.  But right now, let’s hear a farewell song Dolly wrote for us.  Everyone, have a great day!  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our TGIF show.  Take us out, Dolly!

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6 Responses to Thur/Fri Arnie Semi-Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    If you need to do silly things like this to stay interested in posting on this site then have at it. I used to love “Baby Now That I’ve Found You” back in 1995 and every time I hear Dolly Parton sing “I Will Always Love You” it makes me wish I could strike Whitney Houston’s version from existence. It cracks me up that you actually gave a farm report.

    It’s hard to watch Arnold Palmer decline, but the man is ancient and has lived one of the greatest lives ever. Can’t say I care much about his tournament though. Sergio hitting a shot out of a tree is the most memorable thing that’s happened there recently. The WGC Matchplay bracket is the only bracket I’m interested in. My team didn’t even make the NIT.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, it’s gotta remain fun. I can’t believe I started this five years ago. I spent a lot of time following golf the past two years, with Rory and Jordan having stellar years. It’s early yet — not a single major played — but this is feeling like an off year. Except for Adam Scott fans, I suppose. Who expected his year?

      About “hard to watch Arnold Palmer decline,” it sure is. The cycle of life and all. Palmer’s prime was well before I paid much attention to golf, or any sport, really. But just as we’d tease my sisters with, “Who do you think you are, Marilyn Monroe?” when they were putting on makeup, everyone I played with was Arnold Palmer whenever they hit a whiffle ball off the ground with a whiffle ball bat. You think about those days, and you can’t help but recall all the people who are no longer around. Cycle of life.

      My team didn’t even make their own conference’s tournament. I generally watch very little of the tournament. I think the last two years, I didn’t see any of it at all. I much prefer the WGC Match Play, too. I’m not crazy about the new format, but it’s probably a good think this year. It guarantees three rounds for any player using the event as a Masters warmup.

  2. Ken says:

    Rory off to a tough start. +3 thru 13. Scott playing great.

    Arnold has really aged in the past year. I hope he’s feeling well. He’s thinner. Hope the weight loss is intentional; with arthritis it’s not a bad idea. I could barely recognize him in a couple of stills. GC does have an interview with him up now. He seems sharp, but doesn’t even sound the same. Speech is slower.

  3. Kris says:

    Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Any press is good press and controversy is king. He knows the more he and the media attack each other, the more his disenfranchised supporters will support him. The longer this goes on, the more I’m convinced that Trump is playing a character. He has policies that are either nonsensical or more liberal than Clinton’s, so a lot of republican voters aren’t paying attention to anything other than his persona. Going on the assumption that this quote is real, he said in a 1998 interview that if he ever ran for president he would run as a republican because they are easier to manipulate. It got no coverage, but he apologized for appearing to mock the disabled reporter, and after watching the video I don’t believe he was mocking the man’s disability, just the man. Mocking someone’s disability is going too far, even if you’re playing the character of the most anti-PC person on earth. When he visited Doral he completely ignored the hecklers, and when it was time for the trophy presentation he stood with the crowd. He cares about that tournament and didn’t want to disrupt it with antics. It’s no secret than the Clintons were invited to his most recent wedding and he’s donated money to their causes in the past. There’s a part of me that believes he’s playing spoiler to try and get her in the white house. I went from being terrified of the idea of him to being intrigued by the game he’s playing.

    I’m impressed that Rory bounced back so well. He’s currently -1 and should easily make the cut. I agree that NBC knows how to cover golf visually, but their commentators are motormouths and their fun facts are useless. Terry Gannon is anchoring the LPGA’s Founders Cup coverage this week with Judy Rankin if you want to be reminded what good announcing is.

    • Jaybird77 says:

      Re your Trump analysis, I think you’re pretty much spot on. To him it’s a game. A way to draw attention to him. Make him the focus. Politics be damned. He’s gonna say what he wants no matter how un PC and ridiculous it is.

      • lannyh says:

        Is it not a game for all of them? Hillary wants so badly to be First Woman President; it will make all the crap she put up with “worth it.” Look at Romney’s silliness of late. He’s wrangling to get the nod in a brokered convention.

        Trump is getting a dose of “he’s a secret Muslim” but, instead of a few kooks making the claims, it’s the RNC, DNC, and media.

        Hillary is tight with Wall Street, as are the other GOP candidates. Trump WILL repeal the carried interest tax loophole. That would cost some of the heavy hitters literally tens of millions, in some cases hundreds of millions, in a given year. That’s personal income, I’m talking about. That’s enough money to make it worth your while to pay people to make outrageous claims about Trump.

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