Monday Thouhts

Confession: I still don’t know who won the Valspar.  My only information came from comments here.  Someone said Delaet fell off, and then someone said Haas didn’t win.  So I assume it was someone other than those two.  I do recall looking at the leaderboard yesterday at some point, because I saw Jordan was out of it.  Let me pull up the leaderboard now…

And The Winner Is:

Well, well, well… congrats to Charl Schwartzel!  Good for him.  Hey, who the heck is amateur Lee McCoy?

Why I Missed Golf Yesterday:  I’m more disgusted with the media than I ever have been.  The media is horrible.  They push false narratives, and the truth has no place whatsoever in them.  We saw that with the golf media in the case of Tiger Woods; I spent several years remarking on that.  Now we are seeing it regarding Donald Trump.

There’s a difference, though.  Everything Tiger Woods did was honorable and heroic.  Wreck your car and pass out in the street, high on drugs.  Honorable and heroic.  Scream “fuck” in front of galleries filled with children.  Honorable and heroic.  Sell a false image to the public.  Honorable and heroic.  You know the score.  I need not repeat.

With Donald Trump, however, the media seeks not to build him up, but to destroy him.  And the lies we are hearing about him are far more extreme.  With Woods, they denied, ignored, covered up, and basically tried to sell the public a lie of sunbeams and puppy dogs.

With Trump, they seek to ruin him using horrendous, fabricated lies created out of thin air.  The kinds of vitriol normally reserved for leaders of foreign nations who are threatening us.  Or serial killers, or child rapists.  Why do they seek so desperately to smear Trump?  We’ll get to that in a moment.  Hint: there is a similarity to Woods and the golf media.

Let’s look at a few of the lies the media has put forth lately, and their timing.  Prior to Super Tuesday, the media tried to smear Trump with nonsense about the KKK.  Prior to the Michigan primary, they tried to smear Trump with nonsense about — are you ready for it — Nazis!  The KKK and Nazis.  Are you kidding me?  The media has turned into Internet comment section imbeciles.  The narrative they are pushing this week is that Trump is “inciting violence.”  The only violence — apart from that of the Trump rally disrupters — was a 78-year-old geezer with no connection to Trump other than attending one of his rallies sucker-punching a protester.

So, in the leadup to this week’s important Florida and Ohio primaries, the media tells us Trump using hate speech to incite violence.  A lie no better than the KKK and Nazi lies, but the media is desperate.

Now, let’s address that question of why.  First think about the reason the golf media pushed Woods as Wonderful Guy even after it was evident he was creepy and dishonest to the max.  They feared for their jobs.  They were one-trick ponies — in both golf and life — with no Plan B.  If they could not make a living as a golf reporter obsessing over Tiger Woods, they could not make a living as a golf reporter.  If they could not make a living as a golf reporter, they were shit out of luck in the game of life.

With Trump, the stakes are infinitely higher.  We are not talking about a handful of golf reporters trying to protect their livelihoods by trying to prop up a fallen sports idol.  No, the assault on Trump is intended to prop up a falling system of corruption, graft, entrenched power elite, lobbyists, a two-party/one-party lock on the nation, a media akin to the USSR’s Pravda, a system of payola for donors.  See, Trump is self-funding.  He is not beholden to Wall Street, Big Pharma, unions, a political party (both the DNC and RNC are in a panic that their yacht is being rocked).  Nothing.  He’ll be able to address each issue on its own merits.  That sounds pretty cool to me.  But it sounds like Thanksgiving 2009 to those using their entrenched power to better themselves at the cost of the nation.

Anyway, let’s end this with some reality.  Some happy reality.  Check out this man from the crowd who was brought on stage yesterday at a Trump rally:

And this legal immigrant woman from Nicaragua at another rally yesterday:

You’ll never see those shown by the CNN, MSNBC, or any of the others.  No, that doesn’t fit their lie of a KKK-loving, violence-inciting, Hispanic-hating Nazi.

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5 Responses to Monday Thouhts

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    I thought this was a golf site and Trump articles would be posted on the Trump/Tiger sister site?

    • lannyh says:

      We’ve always been more of a golf media watch website more than anything else. It’s natural to discuss related issues. We like the truth; we criticize lies and deception. And compared to the media’s Shock-and-Awe attack on Trump, golf is…, well, it’s going be a Majors year. With Ohio and Florida tomorrow, and the media spewing lie after lie, it’s hard to get fired up about Schwartzel winning Valspar.

      And after a year like last year, 2016 has a tough act to follow. We’ve got a presidential campaign to end all campaigns. Sorry, but Trump is vastly more interesting than what Jordan Spieth states publicly about Olympics golf.

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Have to laugh. “It’s hard to get fired up about a Schwartzel win at Valspar”.

        Would have been really easy to get fired up had Spieth won “the true 4th major”…..again.

      • lannyh says:

        I don’t think you guys understand the point of my post last year. I was suggesting the substitution of the Valspar for Augusta as a major. Not that Valspar was a major now. Make it a major and attract top top 120 players, instead of the top 60 or whatever the Masters gets. And it’s a more modern course that can handle the hopped-up clubs and balls.

  2. Jaybird77 says:

    I’ve said this before…..there is obviously a yuge difference between media reactions to Trump and media reactions to Tiger.

    With Tiger, it was golf-centric. Sure he’s a jackass off the course. But on the course he was the best of the past 20 years and, in sports, when you’re the best, things tend to get overlooked.

    Trump is running for the position of US President and in that situation, everything is scrutinized equally. Trump kicks PC to the curb and pisses off half the country while doing it. And, that includes more than just the media.

    I’ll give an example.
    Me: “Lanny, I think you’re opinion is flawed”
    Trump: “Lanny, you’re a bleepin’ idiot.”

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