The TRUMP: Friday Semi-Live Blog


Mr. Trump has canceled his appearance at CPAC tomorrow.  This was a good move politically, but forget that.  Consider the ramifications.  He gives him a little more free time to show up at Doral!  Frankly, though, a Saturday appearanced seems unlikely.  Tomorrow he has three events scheduled: Morning in Wichita, Kansas; afternoon in Orlando, Florida; then a night event in West Palm Beach.  That puts him mighty close to Doral Saturday night.  I don’t see any rallies scheduled for Sunday, so perhaps that’s the most likely day.  A Sunday appearance is my bet!

By the way, in last night’s debate, the subject of Doral and golf came up.  Who was the first golfer Mr. Trump named?  Rory McIlroy!

Unrelated topic for another day…   Can anything be done to Doral now to bring the short hitters back into the mix?

5:25 pm Update:  An heroic round by Rory puts him in one of the final two groups.  (Rory putting left-hand low this week; he putted pretty well today, I thought.)  Jordan hangs tough and is still in thne hunt.  Rickie tied with Jordan, as is Anirban, who has two holes yet to play.  This is shaping up to be quite a weekend.

1:10 pm Update:  What’s the point of these asinine intros?  Seriously.  And they tend to layer about three “openings.”  Today, we had a canned one of the old Jack Whittaker variety.  Then Terry Gannon doing a voiceover while video of the local area plays.  Then to the action, but I bet as soon as they get a chance, we’ll get a third opening, that one with Gannon and Nobilo doing an on-camera discussion.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.  Ah, here it is!

12:55 pm Update:  The Big Three all birdie their first hole.  This could be special today.

12:40 pm Update: They’re off!  Our blue, white, and gray heroes stride down the first fairway.

Morning Thoughts

  • Steve Elling/Golf Blot:  We’re into March and Steve Elling’s Golf Blot is still inactive.  As well, tweets are few and far between.  I guess he’s moved on.  With so many dull, clueless people working as golf reporters, you’d think a talented guy like Elling would be much in demand.  Maybe he’ll pop up again soon.
  • Rough Start for Jordan:  Jordan’s +3 opening round puts him at T-48.  Mr. Zunic will need a better showing today if he hopes to compete this week.
  • Big Three Report:  The other Jordan leads the way at -3 and T-8.  Rory self-destructed on his final two holes with a three-putt par and a double.  He fell to -1 and T-16.  Jason Day opened with an even-par round and sits at T-28.
  • Big Four Addendum:  Rickie Fowler is -2, T-11.
  • Euro Seven Report:  Lahiri -1, T-11.  Grace +1, T-37.  Brandt Snedeker?  +4 and T-56.  By the way, I still can’t find out why Jaidee did not start.
  • Coverage:  The Big Three tee off 22 minutes before live coverage begins on the Golf Channel at 1:00 pm Eastern.
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4 Responses to The TRUMP: Friday Semi-Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    Yeah for some reason, these idiot producers think people give a darn about the announcers in any way, shape, or form–WHICH WE DONT…..The 10 minutes introduction is just so unnecessary…Compared to other sports, it has to be one of the longest intros before showing any action…..
    Than as we’ve said many times, the bank of america update tells us who won at some obscure sport in some obscure country……..No reason to tune in until at least 10 or 15 minutes into coverage……Unless you want to hear the announcers tell us that the players want to hit the ball well, and not hit it into the water, and not get bogeys…..

    • Sports-realist. says:

      and Steve Sands should be doing tennis or some ping pong announcing somewhere…I just can’t stand that idiot….

      • lannyh says:

        More and more in life, I’m coming to understand how often less is more. How too much of a good thing can be bad.

        It applies to the golf media’s actual tournament coverage, to be sure. But what I have in mind right now is how, this year, I stopped watching any Golf Channel outside of the live coverage. When the actual golf comes on, I enjoy it more. By cutting out Morning Drive the Golf Central Pregame/Postgame, I enjoy the real coverage more. It’s been two months; it’s clear to me now that I wasn’t enjoying the GC tangential coverage shows; I am so glad I stopped watching them.

        On the other hand, I turned on the live coverage at the open (obviously, because I complained about it a little bit), and then I left it on until they went off the air!

        Anyway, I think I’ll write more about this tomorrow morning. At any rate, there are some good names at the to this week. We have the promise of a great weekend. And… Mr. Trump will be there! (He canceled his CPAC appearance, so… Hey, I’m going to make that an ALERT.)

  2. Jaybird77 says:

    I’m struggling to understand why a “Trump Appearance” at Doral is a “good thing”. He’s an Egomaniacal jackass that will ultimately cause more harm to this country than good.

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