The TRUMP: Thursday Semi-Live Blog

1:20 pm Update:

  • Donald Trump is about to take the stage in Portland, Maine, to debunk the lies the GOP establishment is hurling at him.  I can relate to his situation, as I suffered through a lot of vitriol for telling the truth myself.  I can tell Mr. Trump this:  Keep telling the truth, and the majority will soon come to your side.  The people who tell lies to make money will eventually be exposed.
  • Jordan and Rory continue to play well.
  • Euro Sevener Thongchai Jaidee did not start.  What happened?
  • Euro Sevener Branden Grace is currently T-9.

12:00 Noon Update:

  • Players are hitting the course, and Rory and Jordan are off to quick starts.
  • Matthew Fitzpatrick, age 21, is playing his first stateside WGC event.
  • I’ve noticed my interest in golf is adversely affected by the PGA Tour not providing free marquee group coverage.  I love golf, but I am never going to hand over a credit card number to Tim Finchem.  As well, the stream repeatedly crashed my system when last I used it.  For free, I’ll give it a go.  Pay?  Forget it.  And if I don’t watch the morning coverage, I often totally forget about the afternoon.  The beauty of golf is that, until Sunday, you can quite logically simply follow the leaderboard at the end of the day.  They were scrambling for pennies they didn’t need.  Pennywise and pound foolish?

8:00 am Update:

  • Congrats to Henrik Stenson for extending his consecutive cut streak by making the cut this week in this cut-free event!  What a feat, Henrik!
  • The Tour is back on the east coast, but the limited field means play will not start until nearly noon.  Ah, well.
  • Mr. Trump has a debate tonight, so it’s doubtful he makes an appearance at Doral today.  Stay tuned!  Who knows what our first Golf President will do this year.  Remember last year how he fished Rory’s club out of the pond!  Love him or hate him, Donald Trump is good for golf!
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2 Responses to The TRUMP: Thursday Semi-Live Blog

  1. Ken says:

    Phil is -4 through 15. If he finishes well, I wonder what TGC coverage will focus exclusively on. Well, that and a certain former player’s soft swings with a 9 iron.

    • lannyh says:

      Mickelson kind of shows how messed up golf coverage is. They claimed to obsess over Woods because he moved the needle, but the same can’t be said of Mickelson. Yet they show him constantly.

      Too bad Rory finished so poorly. Three-putt followed by a double bogey. Ouch.

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