Monday Thoughts

  • Good to see Adam Scott win with the short putter, and he played well with it last week, too.  He is probably the highest-profile player forced to make the change.  I wonder if the others are rushing to buy a putter like his.
  • Graeme McDowell moved to OWGR #55 with his fifth-place finish.  Hello, Match Play!
  • Justin Thomas, with his T-3, moved up nine slots to #31.  He got more publicity than your average Tour rookie, and I sometimes wondered if it were warranted, but it obviously was.  Probably should have gotten more publicity.  He’s been on a steady rise, and last fall’s CIMB win was a real boost.  Thomas will be making his first Match Play appearance this year, as well as his first Masters and British Open.
  • I had to look up Blayne Barber; I don’t believe I’d ever seen his name before.  He is a 26-year-old who tied with Justin Thomas at T-3.  That represented a golfic version of the Iron Bowl, as Thomas went to Alabama and Barber to Auburn.  People mostly identify Graeme McDowell as “Irish,” but he attended UAB, so three of the top five have college ties to the state of Alabama (although none grew up there).
  • Remember a while back when I said it looked like jalnichols was getting ready to blast the Euro Seven again?  I said I wanted to wait to be sure before saying anything.  Good thing I waited: the player in question was Rickie Fowler, not one of the Euro Seven.  I asked him via Twitter, and he was kind enough to reply.  The reason for the conversation is jalnichol’s new analysis piece at the the 15th Club, which I highly recommend.
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3 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Solid article there. Agree 100%. While winning is definitely the ultimate goal, there is something to be said for guys that can finish, say, top 10, consistently.

  2. Jaybird77 says:

    Have seen some stats that indicte A Scott was/is actually a better putter with the short stick than the broom. But, lots of folks over look that because of his major win with the broom.

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