Thursday Jackie-Jack InverRory Classic Semi-Live Blog

4:30 pm Update:  Rickie Romping, Rory Recovering (thrice)

I meant to watch from the start, but forgot and missed the first hour.  (It can be hard to remember golf, with so much going on in the political world.)  When I turned the live coverage on, I sat through half a dozen putts before a single full shot was shown.  And after every putt, we were told of putts on the high side, “He read a little too much into it,” or, “He hit it a little too hard.”  On the low side, “It broke more than he thought,” or, “He just didn’t give it enough steam.”  Gee, thanks, those are such hard concepts to understand.  These Golf Channel guys are pretty rotten compared to Terry Gannon and Curt Byrum last week.  CBS had a bad Saturday, obviously, but in a GC/NBC vs CBS comparison, I’m taking CBS, and it’s not even close.  But that’s in general, a big picture thing.  I don’t have any major beefs about GC today other than my long-standing objection that too much focus is on putting.

Rory has gone birdie-birdie since I turned my TV on.  Now he’s gone sand-sand-sand, and has a putt to save bogey.  Makes double.  Undoes the two birdies.


Mainline Florida:  I always have a hard time distinguishing between the Florida tournaments.  I am finally starting to get a handle on them:

  1. Originally the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic.  Somehow Jack Nicklaus became associated with this one.  It’s held at a course Jack built or redesigned.  It has the three-hole Bear Trap.  I’m calling it the Jackie-Jack Inverrary Classic.  This year the InverRory, because Rory is my main interest among the entrants.
  2. The President Trump, or Doral, or the WGC-Cadillac.  Take your pick.  The most distinct of the four Florida events.  It will be insane this year.  Will Trump make an appearance?  Ivanka, who is expected to have a baby any day now, will not likely be there.  I guess Trump’s sons will play an even larger role.
  3. The Valspar.  Yes, I hate calling tournaments by their corporate names, but when I hear the word “Valspar,” I think of golf, largely because I’m so unfamiliar with the company.  “Valspar” has a ring like “Augusta” or “Merion” or “Oakmont.”  A course name, not a company name.  Of course, it is a company, so I’ll call it the Tampa Bay Classic, if I remember.  The tourney only started in 2000, so scarcely has any pre-corporate history.  This was the best event of the four last year, with Jordan Spieth winning a dramatic three-man playoff.  It was perhaps the best event of the year; I don’t remember a tournament that topped it, but maybe there was.
  4. Arnie’s Tournament.

And that’s your Guide to Florida!

The Jackie-Jack Field:  This week I’m watching Rory and Rickie, Grace and Grillo. Smylie, Kisner, Lahiri (he made the field!), Hideki, Shane Lowry, Graeme McDowell, and Patrick Reed.  The strength of field is 449, topping last week’s L.A. Open by 5 points.

Was I Robbed, or, It’s All About The Meme:  I posted about the horrible L.A. Open coverage (“Anatomy of a Murdered Telecast“) by CBS early Sunday morning.  That afternoon, NoLayingUp posted a (poorly-written, but informationally-rich) piece covering the same territory, using some of the same examples and terminology.  Hmmm.  Was my article recycled, added to, and posted as original work?  I don’t know.  Newton and Leibniz supposedly developed the calculus independently.  (I’ve got dibs on Newton in that scenario!)  But here’s the thing: I don’t care.  I’ve said it before, and I mean it: It’s all about the meme.  I want my ideas to permeate society.  My only goal is to spread reality.  I don’t care if people take my ideas and run with them; I actually like that.  I don’t want a job, and I don’t need the money, so… Mi escribo es su escribo, more or less.  And, in fairness, the CBS coverage was so awful, it was hard not to notice.  Even last year, I and others wrote about it. So my piece was not that original, and I’d bet coincidence before I’d bet theft.  That said, I’d be lying if I denied the timing and content didn’t catch my attention.

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10 Responses to Thursday Jackie-Jack InverRory Classic Semi-Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    In defense of Tron’s originality, he went on a heartfelt anti-CBS twitter rant February 13th and has complained about CBS for a while. I think the coverage is just undeniably garbage and you both agree on what makes it garbage. The NLU guys are good about giving credit because people steal their content a lot, so I vote pure coincidence.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    Rory just doesn’t seem to have it right now….His putting is dreadful, but he is just another player out there…….You wonder when or if Rory will start think about a Butch Harmon type coach….

    • lannyh says:

      He’s streaky. He’s had his share of cold spells. He’s got plenty of time yet before the Masters.

      I admit to high hopes for his putting this year after the eye surgery, so that’s been disappointing, but it’s early days still.

      Also, that announcer might have been onto something when he suggested Rory was lacking patience in some of his hole tactics.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        yeah and his putting speed has been terrible for even short putts….he 3 putted last week from 12 feet…3 putted to day from around 8 feet…..touch is apart of the game, and he, for some reason, has taken this ‘ram it’ approach…..needs to change..

      • lannyh says:

        Was he still ramming them today? I really only saw his two birdies and then the double. That was all I could handle. You’d think a consistent problem of too much speed would be easy enough to remedy.

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    Saw somewhere that the wind was up today. Not sure if that’s true but Rory seems to have a bit of a history of not playing well in wind.

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