Trump to Finchem: You’re Fired!

Hey, Tim, how you like me now?

Last night in Nevada, Donald Trump took a giant step toward securing the Republican presidential nomination.  Still wanna move the Cadillac away from Doral, Tim?

For those who don’t “get” Trump, this analysis from Chris Matthews might help:

It’s an interactive thing he does. It’s almost like the old Irish expression, listen with your tongue. Every time he uses a line, he can actually hear the reaction, says am I right, am I right? He’s back and forthing it all the time. All the shtick about the lesser educated, what’s he call them? The poorly educated, it’s all a joke. It’s all shtick. It’s all sharing with the audience. I loved evangelicals. That’s nonsense. I love the Second Amendment. I love the Bible. It’s all shtick. The audience is sharing that. Nobody’s buying it. It’s his way of connecting with the voters and sharing sort of the joke with them, but then comes the beef. The beef. Nobody’s going to keep kicking us around anymore. They’re going to have pride in our country.

That Trump mentions these things in a shtick-y way doesn’t mean he doesn’t think they are important.  He’s just having fun.  Matthews does a better job of describing it than me:

He plays around with the audience back and forth. He kids with them. It’s kind of post-modern like we know this is a joke, let’s have fun with it, everything I’m doing is a joke except in a nationalistic pull, that no other candidate has matched, not even — certainly not Bernie, none of them got — Hillary doesn’t get it. He gets it. I think that’s what holds his audience together through all the stupid things he says, all the awful things he says.

Now I must mention an Adam Fonseca article (“In Defense of the Secret Tour Pro“) to generate a pingback, so he’ll perhaps read this article and drop his website ban on Trump supporters.

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2 Responses to Trump to Finchem: You’re Fired!

  1. Lanny, if you believe a single word of what you wrote today and what you endorsed, I have a bridge I’d love to sell you.

  2. lannyh says:

    I can barely remember what I wrote ten minutes after I write, so when I get cryptic messages like this one, I am at a loss. I’m not Sherlock Holmes, but I guess you are saying you don’t grasp the point Matthews and I are making. Or maybe you just don’t like Trump, so you fall into the binary Dem-Repub thing where your team is always 100 percent right and their team is always 100 percent wrong. There’s nothing bad about your team, and nothing good about theirs. Gee, where has ole Lanny seen that before?

    Until now I was too modest to say it, but I have long suspected Trump is a regular reader of this website, and that Lanny H Golf showed him people will flock to the truth — if only someone has the guts to present it.

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