Tuesday Thoughts

Cross-Marketed Grip: With the Tour heading to Florida comes a switch from CBS to NBC.  David Feherty, who left CBS for Golf Channel/NBC Sports appeared Monday on NBC’s Today Show.  All in the Incestuous Family.

Do That To Me One More Time:  On the Today Show, Ferherty, who neglected to mention Rory McIlroy along with the “young stars,” trotted out his old chestnut about the one thing he’s learned about Woods is not to underestimate him.  Well, when exactly has Feherty ever underestimated him?  Every year for the past ten, Feherty has been predicting Woods to win five of the four majors.  Feherty needs to learn to stop overestimating him.

Bubba by Karen:  If you have not read this New York Times article on Bubba Watson by Karen Crouse, you are really missing out.  Best thing I’ve read in a long time.  I read the first sentence and was lost to the world until the final period.  Clear, entertaining, interesting subject matter.  That’s how to write!

Could it be…?  A new Woods book is in the works.  It is written by the guys who wrote The System: The glory and scandal of big-time college football, so there is definite potential for some inconvenient truths.  Coming from outside the insular golf world, they won’t be running interference for Finchem and Steinberg.  I might have to read their college football book now.

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10 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Breaking News! Could this be the PED breakthrough Lanny dreams about? Get on this, Lanny and report back to your faithful readers.

    “Simon & Schuster to Publish In-Depth Biography of Tiger Woods by Bestselling Journalists Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian”

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t think anyone has any doubt about Woods using PEDs. Well, other than those out helping O.J. look for “the real killer.”

    • Kris says:

      I have no faith that Simon & Schuster book will be anything but image-enhancing fluff. It’s being marketed as a “full human portrait of an American idol”. They’re waiting for the right moment to ask for an interview with Tiger himself, so I doubt this book will be objective.

      • lannyh says:

        That’s one way to look at it, but on the other hand, they talked to all the “interesting” people prior to even contacting Woods.

        And this was from a review of their football book: “[T]hat rare non-fiction book that reads like a great crime novel in that you just can’t put it down. The System covers the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of college football.”

        And: “The System will shock fans as the saturation reporting peels back the veneer on everything from coaching politics, to sexual tension in tutoring labs, to the role of recruiting hostesses, to back-stabbing conference realignment, to super boosters, and so on.”

        These guys aren’t writing a book to sell a handful of copies. A fluff book simply would not sell, in my opinion.

        Is it possible they cut an exclusive deal with one of the Biogenesis players? At a minimum, they’ll unveil the marketing. I would think a key point to watch — a touchstone of sorts — is the Rock Ishii ball. If they brush right past it without dwelling on the significance, I would have to agree that it’s fluff.

        But I can’t imagine a book selling that doesn’t have some major new revelations.

        Although, something occurs to me. This book has been timed to coincide with Woods’s induction into the Hall of Fame. That points to fluff.

  2. HennyB says:

    I agree with your assessment of Ferherty. He’s never underestimated Woods. He’s always “getting ready to make his move” “here he comes” “you cant count him out”. I don’t dislike Ferherty, but I don’t really like him either. His shtick is getting pretty old and I hate how he tries to get a laugh out of virtually everything he says or does. He’s had quite the man crush on Tiger for quite some time now. I don’t particularly know why either. I don’t need to hear another story about some miraculous shot Tiger hit way back when or how we don’t get to see “the real Tiger” and Tiger is a heck of a joke teller etc.

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    There’s an article over on CBS that talks a little bit about the TW book forthcoming and includes some quotes from the authors. One quote I read made it sound like they’re going to have some juicy news on the PED front an another quote indicates it’s going to be a prop TW up kind of deal. I wouldn’t mind some of both.

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