Monday Thoughts (A Rory- and Jordan-Free Post)

  • Congratulations to Bubba Watson, a shotmaker’s shotmaker.
  • Congratulations to Adam Scott, for deftly handling the short sword.
  • I am tired of waiting on jalnichols.  Here are his two mystery tweets (here and here).  You tell me if he was/is preparing to bash a Euro Sevener.  (Note the Lahiri guesses from the peanut gallery.)
  • Terry Gannon and Curt Byrum doing the early Golf Channel live coverage were great.  Excellent.  Extraordinary.   Grab a thesaurus and keep going.  Or, the topper: European Tour Productions-like.
  • CBS’s Saturday coverage, as I pointed out yesterday, was simply horrid.  It was unwatchable.  Their Sunday coverage seemed better, but was unwatchable for an entirely different reason…
  • Florida Swing begins with the Honda.  Or as I like to call it, the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Classic.  Maybe a better name is, “That Florida event that has the ‘Bear Trap’ holes.”
  • I’ve been holding this one a while:  Don’t Gary Woodland and Brooks Koepka look alike as far as body type?  They are both in the field this week, so maybe there will be an opportunity to compare them.
  • Anirban Lahiri is OWGR #49.  He’s also the #2 alternate to get into the Jack/Gleason this week.  (I just realized the Jack-Jackie connection… There are a million better names for this tournament than “Corporate Master Classic.”)  Anirban should be in this field.
  • Rickie Fowler back in action this week.  I’ve got a video link on him that will knock your socks off.  Or should I hold it until the Players?
  • Best new name on PGA Tour this year:  Bronson Burgoon.  Then Came Bronson Burgoon.
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4 Responses to Monday Thoughts (A Rory- and Jordan-Free Post)

  1. Ken says:

    I love that name, Bronson Burgoon. Sounds like a Stan Lee bad guy.

    How can Lahiri be an alternate when he’s ranked top 50 in the world? Seems wrong.

  2. Tiger Free, Jordan Free, Rory Free…careful Lanny, you are running out of players…LOL!

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    Woodland and Koepka definitely appear to have similar builds but off hand I’d say Woodland seems to appear slightly more fit than Koepka. It also reminds me of something I’ve thought based on some of your past bashing of the storyline the media is promoting about LeBron like guys coming into golf.

    Obviously that’s a bit extreme but to this guy it does seem like you’re seeing more guys in the 6-2 to 6-4 kind of build in golf than you used to. Rose, Stenson, Bubba, DJ, Kokrak….eh drawing a blank but you get the idea.

    I mean, back in the day guys like Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Watson, Trevino and a host of others were all 6 foot or under.

    Of course both eras have “outliers” like Rory and Rickie right now and Johnny Miller, Al Geiberger, Byron Nelson etc back in the day.

    • lannyh says:

      You know, I have an entire article about this in what I’ll call outline form. I’ve collected a great deal of information and have some great comparisons of different eras in different sports. It’s my “Lucy Li vs Tiger Woods” piece I’ve been mentioning for a couple of years. (The comparison is of comments they made, not to their games.)

      I disagree, though. I don’t think golfers are getting bigger (though I don’t really know). For all your Woodleys, there are scores of Justin Thomases and Rickie Fowlers and Rory McIlroys. And if you go down a “tier” let’s say, you find guys like Bud Cauley and Harold Varner III.

      And I don’t think it makes sense that they would. Consider the NBA. Steph Curry is 6-3. If the idea of golfers starting to look like Lebron, shouldn’t NBA guards start looking like Lebron? But smaller guys have qualities that are rarer for big guys. In the NBA, quickness. In golf, I’d say better short games. Anyway, I have a whole article about this I’m just too lazy to write.

      You could make a case that the trend in golf courses — long and wide open — favor long drivers. To me, Firestone is a joke of a course, but others claim it shows how “great” Woods was.

      For an example of how golf courses can favor long hitters to a bizarre degree, google “Jordan Spieth Chambers Bay dumbest hole.”

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