Saturday L.A. Open Semi-Live Blog: Rory’s Pursuit of History

5:17 pm Update:  Rory!!!!!

Rory makes gutsy par putt on No. 18 to keep shotmakers tournament within reach.  If they play threesomes again tomorrow, Rory, having finished as one of the early -10’s, will likely be in the penultimate group.  All day long Rory made shots reminiscent of Ben and Jack.  Chi Chi and Corey and Seve.  Shotmakers!  Tomorrow, Rory will be looking to add his name to the mantle of Golf’s Shotmakers.

2:15 pm Update:  Rory is flirting with disaster, but hanging in there.  By the way, we are very short-handed today.  Half our staff is in South Carolina helping with the Trump get-out-the-vote effort.  But don’t you worry, because ol’ Lanny is here to give the smart analysis you’ve come to know and love at The Only Golf Website That Matters.

12:45 pm Update:  Rory on the course.  Live coverage begins on GC at 1:00 pm EST.  A half-hour handoff gap, as usual, between NBC and CBS, then live coverage on CBS at 3:00 pm.  Rory blows his eagle putt 11 feet past the hole.  Misses comebacker, so disappointing par on the easy No. 1 hole.

Morning Line: Coming into Los Angeles, trying to win a big ole tro-phee

  • Twosomes, Threesomes, Whatever:  So much for my analysis of pairings yesterday.  Rory is playing with Matsuyama — and K.J. Choi.  How was I to know they were playing in threesomes today?
  • Living on Tampa Time:  Smooth sailing from here on out.  The West Coast Swing is wonderful, but, man, those hours are awful for people in the East.  This weekend’s tee times are sensible, with the leaders teeing off before 10:00 am local.  That’s 1:00 pm Eastern.  Puts the action in the afternoon window where it belongs.  The Tour moves to Florida next week, so East Coast golf fans will no longer have to wait for the lazy hippies in California to wake up.
  • Mount Rorymore:  Rory is well-positioned to make a run at history in Los Angeles this weekend.  I can’t stress how big a shotmakers win would be for Rory, and for those of us steeped in golf history.
  • Phil: Narrative = Fact?  Well, what do you know.  A golf narrative that is actually true.  I’ll be darned.  Phil Mickelson is well-known as an inventive shotmaker.  Consider this:  Mickelson has two wins each at Riviera and Colonial.  This confirms the connection between shotmaker skills and Riviera/Colonial.  [Note: Phil’s record is great, no doubt about it, but consider that Hogan won five times at Colonial and four times at Riviera!  Not to mention Hogan also won 8 of 11 majors — including a US Open at Riviera — during one stretch.]
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5 Responses to Saturday L.A. Open Semi-Live Blog: Rory’s Pursuit of History

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Yes indeed. Rory could join a select company of great shotmakers by winning tomorrow. Guys like James Hahh, John Merrick, Bill Haas, Aaron Baddeley, Rory Sabbatini, Kirk Triplett, and many more.

    • lannyh says:

      Are you saying those were NOT great shotmakers?

      • Jaybird77 says:

        Not on the level of a Hogan or Mickelson or B. Watson or some others.

        The above mentioned 3 have proven over time to be great shotmakers (among many others). The ones I mentioned above are not on the same level simply because they won what some consider to be a “shotmakers” tournament.

        Let’s say Rory doesn’t win tomorrow, and never wins at Riviera or Colonial. I still put him in the great shotmakers category because, even in his relatively short career, he’s proven to be one.

      • lannyh says:

        Three good rounds at Riviera does not make a great shotmaker. Rory has won on bombers courses, primarily, with some of those on wet tracks. A win on a dry Riviera would vault Rory to Nicklaus status. Now, of course, he’ll have to continue to play well for another 15 years if he wishes to catch Jack. But this win would be huge, huge, huge!

  2. yo Lanny H…what drugs are y’all using?

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