Lanny Knows Best

We took a lot of heat when we went to a Tiger Woods-free format.

Understatement of the year.  Some people went off the deep end, deciding, apparently, that attacking us would somehow make Woods relevant again.

A certain segment of readers seemed hellbent on “making Lanny pay” for, quite frankly, pointing out the obvious.  People had lost interest in Woods.

To shut up the whiners, we struck upon a brilliant idea: we would create a Tiger and Trump website.  If the Tiger Only crowd wanted to discuss Woods 24/7, that was fine.  We gave them a place to do so.

However, just as we expected, our new sister website saw as many readers as deserts see dolphins.  Meanwhile, this site is off to the busiest start in our history.  We’d like to take all the credit for that, but when Jordan and Rickie are winning tournaments, you can’t keep people away from your golf website.  Unless, of course, you are stuck in a dinosauric past.

When it comes to golf — and human nature — Lanny knows best.

We did the right thing.  And by now even the loudest protesters have to admit that.

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2 Responses to Lanny Knows Best

  1. Lanny…When I read the nonsense that you sometimes post I think of Donald Trump.
    If you want to be recognized as a legitimate golf site eradicate this nonsense.
    “Lanny knows best” sounds as bad as “Trump know best”

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