Tuesday Thoughts

Tuesday Thoughts…  Funny how CNN was so quick to label Donald Trump’s mention of the word “pussy” as “vulgar.”  The term as used means “sissy.”  What’s funny is that HBO is part of the same company as CNN, and HBO’s original programming mandates, apparently, the use of the word “fuck” and other niceties every ten seconds…  I don’t think it’s a good idea for ANY golfer to play in the Olympics.  There are major health issues in Brazil right now, and, let’s not kid ourselves, the gold medal in golf means nothing…  The weather looks spectacular for Pebble Beach this week…  Amateur roundup:  Bill Murray — I got tired of him for a while, but now I realize he’s our generation’s Bob Hope; Kenny G — a tradition and a low-handicapper (plus-o.6!); Justin Timberlake — a megastar, enough said; Jim Harbaugh, Michigan coach; there’s no complete list, so I can add no more.  There were plenty of other well-known musicians, actors and sportsmen, but none of them greatly interested me.

Big Day for our potential first golf course-owning president, with the New Hampshire primaries underway as I type.

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One Response to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Ken says:

    Murray’s act grew old a very long time ago. But then, so did Hope’s at the end, so maybe you’ve got something.

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