Lanny H Golf: Imitated But Never Duplicated

Tough Love: Did you see the Rex Hoggard article about Rickie Fowler wherein Butch Harmon says that his “tough love” inspired Fowler to kick his game into another gear last year?  Do a google search on: “rickie fowler” “tough love” — and notice our articles from last May, well before Fowler’s breakthrough win at the Players.  And fully nine months before Harmon started telling the media about “tough love.”  As well, ask yourself: Do you really think Harmon told Fowler that Jordan Spieth was making him look old and journeyman-esque?  That’s exactly what we did, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

NFL Shocked to Find Out Gambling is Going On:  The NFL has some concerns about the Oakland Raiders moving to gambling mecca Las Vegas.  Because, you see, they oppose gambling.  Well other than lucrative fantasy sports gambling.  But that’s, like, uh, skill and stuff.

As the Washington Post wrote last November:

The NFL remains anti-gambling but pro-fantasy. As I’ve said before, that’s like being anti-slaughterhouse but pro-chateaubriand; […] if fantasy isn’t gambling, then Penthouse isn’t pornographic.

[T]he NFL has treated fantasy differently. There is the Web site, 28 NFL teams have deals with fantasy partners, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Patriots owner Robert Kraft have invested in DraftKings and, now — and it feels like I must be making this up — NFL players are allowed to play fantasy.

Jordan Singaporing in the Rain: Jordan Spieth, with only 1/3 of his second round completed, sits three shots out of second, and five shots off the lead.    Play will resume at 6:30 pm EST tonight, assuming weather permits.

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4 Responses to Lanny H Golf: Imitated But Never Duplicated

  1. DanishDude says:

    The narrative about Ricky Fowler lacking wins and being overrated started way back in 2012, and gained momentum universally right up until he actually was voted the “most overrated” player by his peers in an an anonymous poll, just before he won the Players in may 2015.

    You joined the chorus in april 2015 and now you’re taking credit for his transformation? – I really hope you’re kidding.

    Anyway, Keep an eye on Thorbjørn Olesen (yes, Danish) tommorrow in Quatar…

    • lannyh says:

      It’s a matter of record. I raked Rickie over the coals prior to and during the New Orleans Open. The rest is history.

      Okay, I’ll watch Olesen. That’ll probably be on when I wake up tomorrow.

      • DanishDude says:

        Re. Fowler; Lanny, do you know the story about the elephant and the mouse crossing a bridge?

        Olesen is in the final group with Paul Lawrie and Branden Grace – Garcia and Oosthuizen still in the hunt…

      • lannyh says:

        Uh, oh, I’ll probably have to pull for the Euro Sevener.

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