The Big Three-and-a-Half


Does anyone remember 2011?  That’s when Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, and Jason Day were grouped together for the first two rounds at Augusta.  After the second round, Rory was in first, Jason was in second, and Rickie was T-7.  I remarked at the time we were seeing the future of golf.

Lanny H Golf — Five years ahead of the golf media dinosauars.

Rickie is reluctant to include himself in the Big Three/Big Four.  He says he needs to win a major first.  Perhaps so.  But if he keeps playing well and winning, he’ll soon be joining the Big Three in their break from the peloton, and it won’t matter what anyone says or doesn’t say.

More on Rickie tomorrow.

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4 Responses to The Big Three-and-a-Half

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    Isn’t funny and sad that sports is a GIGANTIC ‘pissing contest’? After watching the NFL, I realized that records are MADE to be broken, and people LOVE to see those records broken, while others find them sacred……Had Brady gone to another superbowl and won, he’d have broken the individual qb’s record of winning superbowls…I know Pittsburgh fans loathe Brady, MAINLY because he’s matched and surpassed many of Pittsburgh playoff records…..Ofcourse I hate Pittsburgh, so I’m glad if Brady or ANYONE would come along and break any Pitt record…..But in the end, it’s amazing how much we care as sports fans, when in the grand scheme of things, it ends up meaning absolutely NOTHING….

    The golf media started the story of ‘this many majors away from Jack’ stuff, but it’s the same in all sports……We are TRYING to find SOMEONE who will do SOMETHING amazing…
    Would it bother me if Jack’s record was broken? Well, I guess an asterisk would be next to me saying ‘not really’ as long as it’s NOT certain players……I guess we are all sports hypocrites, when it all comes down to it…..

    When it comes to these 4 golfers, I guess, head to head, I really don’t care who wins, except I do like the idea of ONE of them getting more majors, possibly to surpass Eldrick….So if Spieth or Rory were to win, I guess it means more to me than Fowler, at this point…..Obviously RECORDS are the most intriguing part of sports……The Golden State Warriors are trying to break the Chicago Bulls regular season record of wins in a season….The Pats ALMOST had a perfect season a few years ago……Those type of things DEFINITELY add to the interest of sports…..IF Spieth OR Rory can win a few more Majors this year, they will DEFINITELY become more fascinating to everyone, as a RECORD seems to be a possibility……

    • lannyh says:

      Great comment.

      When real life deals a tough blow, I think, “How could I have even cared about a sports event or record?” But eventually I regain my equilibrium and find myself caring again.

      A person can be a nihilist and look at the world as something to do while waiting for death. But, yet, I can’t help but find myself, during my time on earth, being moved by things like Rickie Fowler’s grandfather taking him to that modest Murrieta driving range and Rickie winding up as the OWGR #4 twenty years later. There’s something about pulling for the underdog, even if, in the scheme of things, it doesn’t much matter. Fowler wasn’t a country club kid, and had his grandfather fished and bowled instead of fished and golfed, then Rickie might be working as an accountant and riding local motorcross races on the weekends.

      I used to care passionately about the NFL, but now I hardly watch it; it’s funny how that works. So how important to me was it really, ever? (That said, I love this year’s Super Bowl matchup; it’s the best in 20 years if you ask me. Although certainly the first Giants-Pats was a big deal.) The world used to care passionately about boxing, but that seems to have passed, too. You’re right about the obsession over records; I still sigh and roll my eyes at the mentions of “history” for someone seeking to be the fifth guy to do something.

      Anyway, I guess, even though life events can yank things into perspective in a heartbeat, there’s still something about sports competition that relates to life, and makes me think they matter. I like to think sports competition, and therefore life, matters, and that a person of modest means can, against the odds, take on the world and prevail. Even if it is all ephemeral.

      On a more practical level, I also like that sports (most of them, anyhow) are objective and not subjective.

  2. anonymous says:

    Not to change the subject, but I noticed a comment on Shack about Kelly Tilghman not being on the GC very much lately.

    Is this true? Has there been a change?

    I don’t get the GC anymore, so I wouldn’t know.

    • lannyh says:

      Someone mentioned that earlier in the year. I do not know. I’ve only been watching live tournament coverage this year. I gave up on MD and pregame/postgame, and I pretty much never watched Golf Central.

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