Day 4 Semi-Live Blog: Abu Dhabi/Hope Desert Classic

8:19 am:  Rickie wins!  Rory T-3, Jordan T-5.  Grace T-5, DeChambeau, the sui generis phenom, a respectable T-54 in a world-class field.

It’s official!  The Fore Horsemen are going to be the Top Four in the OWGR.

Tough Lanny Love!  Rickie continues to perform at the top level of golf after Lanny’s lecture (here and here) last year prior to the New Orleans Open.

8:00 am:  Rickie!  Fowler chips in on No. 17 to take a two shot lead to final hole, a par-5 which he should be able to navigate with little drama.

7:55 am:  Draino!  Rory holes eagle putt on 72nd hole.  Four birdies and an eagle (and an unfortunate bogey) on the back nine.  Finshes one back of Rickie, who is still on the course.  I can’t pull against Rickie, especially because Rory is not his only competitor, but I would not mind a Rickie-Rory playoff!

7:38 am: As Rickie is preparing to strike a critical shot from rough, Golf Channel inexplicably goes to a still photo of Phil “Inside Trader” Mickelson standing over a putt.  What the hell?  After several seconds of that, they go to a shot of an empty green, then they go to commercials.  Only after all that do we finally get to see the key shot from Mr. Fowler.

5:45 am: After flying a sand shot over the green and carding a double bogey, Rickie holes one from the sand for eagle on the very next hole.  Leads by three with ten holes to go.  Rory and Jordan are both three shots out of second and would need a torrid finish combined with a Rickie stumble.

5:25 am: A chink in the armor?  Rickie just flew one across a green, from desert to desert.  Strange things have happened at this course; ask Martin Kaymer.

5:00 am:  A Rickie Runaway?  Not a lot of drama at this point.  The fog  delays threw the week out of kilter; the tourney started off great on day one.  Now that it’s finally back on schedule, Rickie is running away from the field.

8:50 pm: Our team of meteorologists are reporting that visibility is 5.0 kilometers at Dubai, which is 90 miles from Abu Dhabi.  Looks promising.

Nothing yet from the Euro Tour website live blog or Twitter account.  GC will have a pregame in an hour for those of you who watch that.  It’s nearly 6:00 am local in Abu Dhabi.  How the heck late do golf writers sleep?

Maybe players will start tweeting out weather reports soon.  They should be up and soon heading to the course.

This is going to be fun.  Rory and Rickie tied for the lead; Bryson and Jordan three shots back.  Lots of others in the mix.  27 holes to go on this championship Sunday.  Then after golf, Peyton Manning, then Cam Newton.  What a day awaits sports fans!

8:00 pm:  The question of the hour is: Will Abu Dhabi be foggy when the sun rises?  Resumption in two hours, forty minutes.  At least that’s the plan.

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2 Responses to Day 4 Semi-Live Blog: Abu Dhabi/Hope Desert Classic

  1. Jaybird77 says:

    Since your motivational speech to Rickie went so well, maybe you can give one to DJ as it relates to winning a major.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, DJ’s backstory is not as compelling to me as Rickie’s. Even though I was more for Rory or Jordan, I could not root against Rickie when he got the big lead. All kidding aside, I think back to him and his grandfather at that goat pasture driving range in Murrieta and I become his biggest fan.

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