Semi Live Blog Rd 1 Abu Dhabi/Bob Hope Desert Classic

Good writeup from the Guardian on Rory/Jordan’s first round.  Genuinely polite, likeable guys.  They are great golfers; they are not curing diseases or solving cold fusion.  Not claiming to be something they aren’t.  Confident young men without the burden of fragile egos.  They don’t fall to pieces when they hit a sub-optimal shot.

Euro Sevener Branden Grace taking up where he left off last year.  I’m sure I’ll get over it, but every time I see Bryson DeChambeau’s name, I get depressed.  I can’t help but wonder if my golf game would have been better if all my irons had had the same length shaft.  I always liked my 7-iron; I wish they had all been that length.

Rd 2 should be more to my liking as far as TV time.  I ended up watching the first hole last night, then waking up and watching the replay without looking at the scoreboard.  Worked out okay, but from here on out, I’ll just have to get up an hour or two earlier than normal.

I like the West Coast tournaments in the U.S.  But the drawback is how late they start for most of the country.  I like East Coast start times; I wake up and players are already on the range or first tee.

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