Saturday Semi-Live Blog: Hawaiian Open

Evening Update:  Pretty decent little tourney going on.  I’m for Kisner, but I would not mind seeing Sneds get another win.  I’m conflicted regarding Sneds because of jalnichols and the Euro Seven last year.  I was sort of forced to pull against Sneds, but not really, because the point was that the Euro Seven were not the Eurotrash jal suggested.  Sneds is a good guy, though, and I’m all for good guys winning.  He gets choked up when he wins, and I would, too!  Zac Blair, too; he could strike a blow against the nonsense meme of “in the future golfers will all have the build of Lebron James.”  (Sorry, Mr. Player — and many others — but NBA guards don’t have the build of James, why would you expect golfers to?)

Morning Line:  More and more, Kisner is becoming my rooting interest in this tournament.  I don’t have a whole lot more to say about the event other than that.  On a related note, I wish the scoreboard gave the player’s OWGR ranking.  That way, we could tell quickly if the highest-ranked players were doing well or doing poorly, which is something I like to follow.  It’s easy on the Euro Tour as they list the OWGR rankings.  In the U.S., they list FedExCup rankings, which are all but meaningless, especially at this time of year.  (They also ignore Euro Tour players.)

Make Me Pay:  Here are the Lanny H Golf “Make Me Pay” commitments for 2016.  We might add others for individual tournaments as the year progresses, but we are officially committing to these right now:

  • Every Rory or Jordan major win: $100
  • Rory and/or Jordan winning Grand Slam (individually or combined):  $600 bonus, bringing total to $1000
  • Every Rory sanctioned win over four: $50
  • Every Jordan sanctioned win over four: $50

Trump Time: Don’t forget to check out our sister website.  Donald Trump has another rally this morning.  It is in New Hampshire, and we have provided a link.

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3 Responses to Saturday Semi-Live Blog: Hawaiian Open

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    vegas really likes snedeker, than puts Kisner as their top two….

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