Friday Semi-Live Blog: Hawaiian Open

Evening Update: I forgot about the coverage tonight.  The storylines for me are whether Graeme McDowell and Adam Scott can make the cut.  I find myself cheering for Kisner among the leaders.

Don’t forget Stephanie Wei is in Hawaii covering the event.  She’s a Kisner fan so she came to mind just now.  I soured on her last week after she went Dino Mode on us, but it’s probably worth your time to check out her coverage at Wei Under Par.  I shouldn’t give a link because I’m still too ticked off from the dinosauring last week, but here it is…  WeiUnderPar.


Morning Line:  I am not too enthused about this week’s event, but any week would be a good week for Spencer Levin to get his first win, so we have that going for us.  Kisner is up among the leaders; I don’t think anyone would be shocked if he won.  Sneds is near the top, too; that reminds me that I need to check with jalnichols to see if he has a comment about the last year’s success of the Euro Seven.

Abu: The primary reason for my lack of enthusiasm is next week’s looming battle between Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth in Abu Dhabi.  This will be the first time those two have met since last November’s WGC-HSBC Champions, where Jordan finished T-7, besting Rory (T-11) by a single shot.  I expect them both to be in good form.  Jordan is coming off the win, and Rory has historically played well (no wins, but a long list of runner-ups) at Abu Dhabi.

Football: Going head-to-head with the NFL playoffs is not going to help the Hawaiian Open.

PGATour.comical:  Jordan Spieth wins the Tournament of Champions by eight shots.  He talked up the importance of the tournament both before and after it was played, upping its stature immensely by promising to play every year.  His victory gave him a solid grasp of OWGR #1 ranking.  Still, he is not the featured player on the PGA Tour website’s Players page.

Lanny’s Mnemonic of the Year:  Here’s how I memorized the Tour events up to the Masters:

  • Hawaii, Hawaii
  • Cali, Cali, AZ, Cali, Cali: Specifically, Desert, Diego, Drunks, Pebble, L.A.
  • Florida Swing (March): Jack, Trump, Valspar, Arnie
  • Texas Two Step: Dell (WGC Matchplay) and Shell
  • Augusta!

Sister Website: We’ve got a link to a stream of Donald Trump’s Friday morning rally at our new sister website.

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10 Responses to Friday Semi-Live Blog: Hawaiian Open

  1. Kris says:

    To be fair, Jordan is as featured as he can be given that no player is featured. Having the tour eligibility rankings be “featured” this early in the season is useful, and it’s an unassailable use of that space. It’s interesting after all the hubbub they decided not to have a featured player.

    I’ll be following both golf and football the next few weeks, but that’s anomalous. The only reason I care about football this season is I want the Panthers to make it to the super bowl as a redo for the 2004 super bowl that was overshadowed by nipplegate.

    You actually have a site devoted to Tiger and Trump? You done lost yo mind. I’m curious to see how the traffic compares, though.

    • lannyh says:

      Hey, I’m for the Panthers, too! I was disappointed when they lost to Atlanta. I’d love to see Cam get a Super Bowl to go with his BCS championship. Aside from the Panthers, Peyton Manning and the Broncos are my only other NFL interest.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    So Vijay Singh is tied for the lead(granted it’s the first round), but IF he were to win, he’d be the oldest PGA player to win an event in PGA history……Articles by CBS on it? ZERO……Instead they have some lamo article about eldrick’s agent saying golfers owe their big purses to him….Just another example of the marxism style approach to journalism we have today…

  3. Jaybird77 says:

    […edited out…]

    1) I think it’s great that Jordan has promised to play TOC every time he qualifies. Too many big stars skip this event and it’s disappointing. That won’t apply to Jordan.
    2) Abu is a great event and has a great story line especially this year. I just wish it wasn’t on at O’dark 30.
    3) I don’t think Vijay ever used the broom stick but did use the belly. I think he even went with Kuch style which he may still use instead of the “regular” putter. Haven’t caught any of his round(s) so don’t know.
    4) While we’re talking NFL “hopes”, in a sick way I would love for Seattle to get back to the SB, have it come down to the final play on the 1 yard line……run the ball like everyone said they should have last year……and have Beast Mode get stuffed. That would just be great. From 1st to last choice to win… Chefs, Pack, Seattle/Carolina, NE, Zona, Denver, Stellers

    • lannyh says:

      (I removed the opening paragraph because I didn’t think it was for general consumption.) A couple of notes in reply: I never had a problem with comment-specific joke handles. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have changed anything. Situational anarchy among responsible humans can work fine.

      I suppose a website goes through the same life cycle as a public park. You build a park, and everyone is thrilled. It is clean and shiny and everything works. Then some people start littering. Then they start stealing. Then they start vandalizing. Then they start hassling people who try to legitimately use the park. You wind up with unmowed grass collecting trash. Basketball courts with no rims. You can either make changes, or plow the park under and pave it.

      I would love to go back to the old way, but I had to accept that it wasn’t working.

  4. Jaybird77 says:

    Oh snap. Was checking out the PGA Players page based on your comment and while searching around I realized I totally forgot Coca-Cola, Jordan’s latest sponsor, sponsors the Tour Championship.

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