America’s Greatest Brand Inks Deal with America’s Greatest Golfer

geer63.gifCoca-Cola came into existence in 1886, eleven years after Young Tom Morris won his final British Open Championship.  Coke’s first endorser was Hilda Clarke — in 1895!


Other famous Coke endorsers, past and present:

srcokeSugar Ray Robinson

cbergCharlie Bergen

Taylor-Swift-for-Diet-CokeTaylor Swift

Sachin_SLSanchin Tendulkar

Lebron-James-For-Coca-ColaLebron James

And here’s a guy you might have heard of…






Congratulations, Jordan!  Congratulations, Coca-Cola!  Two American classics!!  I’m lifting a Coke Zero to this great new partnership!


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9 Responses to America’s Greatest Brand Inks Deal with America’s Greatest Golfer

  1. Anon says:

    Golf is a worldwide sport and coke is a worldwide brand.A grand slam pushes Spi;eth beyond Ronaldo.

  2. Chop says:

    Lanny how about popping me an email.

  3. DanishDude says:

    Good thing he didn’t sign with Pepsi.
    If I remember correctly, Pepsi once had a deal with a golfer of questionable character.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lanny…Firstly I apologise for not commenting on your subject de jour…I’d like you to get over your obsession on being Tiger Woods free…Drop that silly banner and get back to your original one.
    You know…the one where it could be you walking serenely down the wood lined path..

  5. Sports Addict says:

    The elephant in the room for me is the fact that Jordan gets so much more love than Rory. Technically, Rory has done more and yet gotten a fraction of the “love” he should have.

    Look at Jordan. UA. Titleist. AT&T. And now Coke. A huge growing coming. One of the top 3 golf equipment companies. Massive tech company. And, the biggest beverage/”whatever” company in the world.

    Rory has his Nike contract but let’s face it, it’s a huge company because of everything besides their golf division.

    Jordan is well on his way…..and yet……he’s just getting started.

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