Tuesday Thoughts: Playoffs, Trump

The Real Golf Playoffs:  The Tournament of Champions is much more of a playoff system than the FedExCup.  You must win a tournament to make the playoffs; those who make it then compete in a winner-take-all event.

They should market the event as “The Real Playoffs.”  (Though FedEx would have a baby.)

Trump and ESPN:  I turned on ESPN2 this morning to get the Mike & Mike take on last night’s Alabama-Clemson game.  (If you haven’t seen the surprise onside kick, you owe to yourself to do so.  Aside: for the first time in television history, one of those idiotic camera angles on kickoffs paid off.)  They started talking about Trump and the redesign of Doral.  They mentioned the various courses.  It sounded like copy written by an ad agency; it had to be a placement ad.  Golf had not been being discussed.  Now compare to ESPN six months ago:

ESPN on Monday became the latest major company to distance itself from Donald Trump since the presidential candidate’s negative remarks about Mexican immigration.

The Walt Disney Co. unit said it would move a coming celebrity golf tournament from Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles to another Southern California course.

All you can do is laugh.

Early Reviews:  We are getting more views (and unique readers) since going to the new format.  It’s early days yet, but this is unexpected good news.  I anticipated a dropoff as we made the transition, but it seems people might have been wanting a break from the dinosaurs.  Speaking of which…

Dino of the Day:  This week’s DinoTour Confidential, aka Tour Confidential.  It’s pointless to read; every question repetitive and predictable; every response is repetitive and predictable.  It’s a cheap imitation of the classic Elling-Hugan Pond Scrum of yore.  Maybe I’ll give DinoTour Confidential another shot in 2017.

The European golf coverage is so much better than ours.  Maybe I’ll put some good links in sidebar here.

By the way, if anyone else starts a Tiger Woods-free golf website, or knows of one, tell me and I’ll put up link here.  I think an easy way for a golf website to increase traffic would be to offer a Tiger Woods-free section.  Golf Channel or Golf Digest could do that in addition to what they already have.  They won’t, though — it would be an admission of how horrid their coverage has been — so instead my traffic will double or triple once again in 2016.

It’s funny that the one person in golf who could not care less if his traffic goes up — I regularly tell people they are better suited to GolfChannel.com — is the person whose traffic keeps doubling and tripling year after year.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts: Playoffs, Trump

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    test comment

    • Sports-realist. says:

      ok for a while, any comment I tried to leave wasn’t showing…a few hours later, the ‘test’ comment’ is on here….

      • lannyh says:

        I just approved that “test” one a little while ago. Not sure why I had to do that. Yours have been going through automatically.

        Things are becoming more automated now. WordPress is automatically handing things, for the most part. I had one or two people who kept creating new personas which I would approve, then they’d leave some Tiger Woods comment. It wasted about five minutes of my life and probably hours of those guys’ lives.

        I’m kind of losing my… what’s the word… compassion for that kind of thing. It’s clear I’m going to lose some Tiger Only folks, but we’re getting great numbers since we went Woods-free, so there’s no turning back. But that’s just a plus. The truth is I am bored to tears of the Yay Tiger-Boo Tiger crowd. The mainstream golf media is going to try to appeal to those types as long as the gossip sites try to appeal to Bieber and Kardashian followers. Me, I want to focus on Jordan and Rory. I’m working on a chart now of Rory and Jordan chasing Jack’s 18 majors.

        I am making a list of dinosaurs and I’ll publish that list as Unreadable Dinosaurs.

        Here’s something sad, though. Last year, if I posted a link to, say, something interesting about Jordan or Rory or that week’s tournament, I’d get about 1/3 of the clicks as I would to a link about, say, “You won’t believe the stupid thing Chamblee said about Woods.” Why the hell should I send traffic to a Chamblee Tiger article?

        Anyway, there are obviously some growing pains. (You apparently encountered one of them!) But at some point, I don’t care enough to waste a lot of time on it. I don’t get paid for this. It’s a hobby I love. But, on the other hand, since this place started five years ago, I’ve had long gaps where I never posted anything.

        Right now, I am so looking forward to the season that I’m having great fun posting. But some of the people went off the deep end when I went Tiger-free. They post about Woods, then they curse me, then they beg to come back. I assume their mood swings are alcohol induced.

        It’s a shame I had to put (very, very minor) restrictions on autoposting, but I didn’t have a choice. I love giving people an outlet to say things they might not be able to say elsewhere. On the other hand, I don’t want this place to turn into a foodfight website like Golf Channel. “You hate Tiger!” “You want to kiss him!” That’s clownish.

        Anyway, as Dylan said, “He not busy being born is busy dying,” and my interest was dying when it came to writing articles about the f—ed up golf media’s obsession.

        As for commenters, here’s the deal. If I lose every single one, so be it. I went my first two years and got a total of five or six comments! It didn’t stop me from doing my thing.

        On the other hand, because of my modest beginnings, I cherish each and every comment. It’s a real compliment when someone takes the time and goes to the bother to type a comment.

        But this website has never been about running up comment counts or view counts. It’s about a place to say what is not allowed elsewhere. I was able to say what others were afraid, or unable, to say. Now I’m able to DO what others are afraid, or unable, to do.

        One last thing… People might be surprised at how small the world of golf is, and how easy it is to affect attitudes, and push trends over tipping points. I think we can do that here if people are ready to move on.

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