Sunday Semi-Live Blog: Tournament of Champions

8:00 pm Update:  This is way closer than I wanted it to be.  Reed’s birdie-birdie start served notice he hadn’t thrown in the towel.  Koepka recovered from a bogey-bogey start and is still hanging around. Jordon’s still got four of his five, but it hasn’t been a walk in the park.  Right now Jason Day at -8 has the round of the day going.  Give Sneds credit for a good performance.  He’s been lurking just outside “the leaders” all week.

5:58 pm Update:  And away we go!  Let’s get it done, Jordan!

I wonder if Mr. McIlroy will catch any of the action.  It’s 11pm in the UK, 3am in the UAE.  I’m not sure where Rory is, but I assume it is one of those two.

5:15 pm Update:  Looks like I was confused concerning the start times.  Jordan tees off at the top of the hour, and that is when live coverage begins.  I think…  I believe we’ll get Jordan’s entire round.

1:00 pm Update:  Another great article from Stephanie Wei.  It’s dinosaur-free except for a couple of infractions in player quotes.  She’s playing hurt and still managed to pound out 3,100 words.  A nice read while waiting for coverage to start.


Morning Line:  I’m still high from Jordan’s closing eagle last night.  I hope he can close it out today.

I’m not sure what to say, but after watching the mind-boggling finish of the Cincinnati Bengals game last night, I feel compelled to contrast golf and the NFL.  Cincinnati had the game in hand but handed the victory to Pittsburgh due to moronic unsportsmanlike behavior penalties.  Damnedest thing I ever saw.  If ever there was a time to keep your composure, that was it.  And yet some Bengals players could not do it.  Challenge: control your temper for 42 seconds.  Seems doable, no?

It was as if a golfer, leading the Masters by ten, failed to get out of a sandtrap, lost his temper, and proceeded to hit the sand with his club until he racked up enough penalty strokes to lose.

Anyway, it made me realize just how great golf is, and how thankful we should be for guys like Jordan Spieth.

Rare Ryder Cup Honesty:  I loved Davis Love III’s remarks regarding Justin Thomas’s assertion that he would rather win a Ryder Cup than a major:

“I bet with nine holes to go, a two-shot lead at the Masters, he might not want to trade for a Ryder Cup win,” Love said of Thomas’ comments. “But the attitude is right. ‘Hey, this is one of the biggest things for me this year is to be on a winning Ryder Cup team and that’s the attitude we want.”’

What a wonderful comment.  He praises Jordan while politely disagreeing.

Back to Golf Channel:  All of today’s coverage is on Golf Channel.  It starts at 6:00 pm EST, which is kind of odd, because Jordan tees off an hour earlier.  You might want to check the “pregame” periodically to see if live coverage supersedes that and begins early.  We’ve had four hours of coverage the prior three days, so why just three hours today?

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4 Responses to Sunday Semi-Live Blog: Tournament of Champions

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    30 under…not bad….ofcourse, all the golf channel cares about is trying to shove their usual eldrick stat in the way of Jordan winning again….Jordan’s 7th win is like a month older than Eldrick…Interesting that Eldrick only won ONE time in 1998, not sure if that was the technology not there yet, or the steroids or what, that really changed…….So obviously, if Jordan wins another event this year, he will be AHEAD of Eldrick, not that they will talk too much about that…….
    I really expect Spieth to win the Master’s again…You just wonder how much Jordan’s strategy is PICKING events that favor his game vs obligations?

    • lannyh says:

      Golf Channel needs to fire their entire staff, top to bottom, and start over. I’d love to see them hire Shane Ryan and Stephanie Wei, then go to a two-person “Mike and Mike” type format. That would replace Morning Drive. Oh, and they should take user calls. (ESPN has a channel with a four-hour college football talk show that takes user calls.)

  2. Ken says:

    Spieth said he wanted to get it to -30, then he went out and did it. The guy is a legend in the making. Turns out he didn’t need to go that low, but that’s how you run with a lead.

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