Friday Semi-Live Blog: Tournament of Champions

9:44 pm Update:  Four!!!

Not since Jack Nicklaus has a golfer won the Tournament of Champions after winning multiple majors the prior year.  Just sayin’.

I’m just sayin’, folks.

Round was “very similar” to yesterday.  “My lead won’t be four when I tee off.”  Said he does well here perhaps because of Bermuda greens, which is what he grew up on in Dallas.

By the way, I left my TV on to take in the postgame show.  Chamblee was not there, so I thought it might be okay.  I lasted five minutes.  There was so much dinosauring I thought I was watching Live From the La Brea Tar Pits.  Let’s go ahead and give the Golf Channel postgame show a Dino of the Night award.

dinoskel.jpb9:21 pm Update:  Make it Three!

8:42 pm Update: Jordan Up by Two!

7:45 pm Update: Jordan Grabs the Outright Lead!

3:35 pm Update: Round 2 play has begun.  Reed and Spieth are in the final group, so they will tee off a mere ten minutes prior to the start of live coverage.

Dino of the Day: Ryan Ballengee.  I found his podcast about Jordan Spieth’s upcoming year by way of a Google news search.  Looked interesting, so I clicked.  Before starting the podcast, I read the blurb.  By the third sentence, Ballengee was dinosauring.  No, thanks, pal!

dinoskel.jpbMorning Line: What an incredible start to the year!  Jordan Spieth broke from the gate like American Pharoah, but defending champ Patrick Reed stayed with him stride-for-stride, pulling one ahead at the 18-furlong pole.

Grillo faltered a little bit, but is still decently-positioned.  Smylie played well and is tied with Jason Day and others at T-12.  It’s early yet, obviously, but there’s already a little bit of separation budding.  T-7 is four back.

As I write, it is a mere ten hours until live coverage begins.  I can’t wait.  The coverage I saw last night was great, without a single episode of dinosauring that I witnessed.

Top U.S. Open Golfers of All Time:  I came across a nice list of the top U.S. Open golfers of all time.  My first reaction was bewilderment, followed by disgust and anger.  Then I noticed the date of the piece and calmed down.  My original reaction was due to the absence from the list of one Jordan Spieth.  After all, he just became the youngest U.S. Open winner in 90-something years.  And let’s not forget his T-21 as a 19-year old!  It’s early days yet, I know, but I’d put Jordan at No. 6, just behind Arnie.

I’d also put Rory in the list based on his incredible 2011 performance at Congressional after his Sunday collapse at the Masters earlier that spring.

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2 Responses to Friday Semi-Live Blog: Tournament of Champions

  1. DanishDude says:

    Please read the article and the premises for the compilation of the list.

  2. Golf Player says:

    You hit the nail on the head. Great Job!

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