The Year’s First Semi-Live Blog (Formerly known as Thursday Thoughts: Sobel’s Fairytale Revisited and Other Stuff)

Final Update: Jordan one back of Defending Champ Reed

9:10 pm Update:  Jordan Tied for Lead — with three to play!!

8:45 pm Update:  Jordan -5, one shot adrift.

7:00 pm Update:  Jordan Spieth birdies two of first five, sits two back.

5:20 pm Update: The Season has Started!

Forty minutes until coverage begins on Golf Channel.  I’ll skip the “pregame,” thank you very much.  That show is populated by dinosaurs.  (By the way, I’m older than those guys, but I ain’t no dinosaur!)

Can’t wait to see these guys on the course.  Play has already begun, though not yet for Spieth and Day.  If a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, tonight is the first step to Augusta.

Speaking of Augusta, I was mistaken when I said I had three early azalea blooms.  It was more like three HUNDRED!  No idea what this means for the spring.


It’s a text book example of bad journalism.  I touched on it yesterday, but it warrants elaboration.

Last year, Jason Sobel wrote an article trashing the Tournament of Champions.  He told us it was a “relic of the past,” then proceeded to recycle dinosaur stories instead of writing about last year’s actual event.  He justified that choice by explaining us just how much better and stronger golf was back then.

The only problem…  His analysis was complete and utter garbage.  Sobel claimed the field of 2000 included twelve major winners when it had only six.  Reader “Chris” at Shackelford’s site eloquently pointed out:

Sobel is giving credit for accomplishments that had not happened yet, and is therefore bending time and space in order to construct a faulty argument.

The field had six major winners.  Last year’s had four.  Hardly some staggering difference, but Sobel used his nonsense numbers to weave a bullshit narrative.

The punchline is that this year’s event has SEVEN major winners.  And no bending of time and space is required.


Jordan inadvertently calling out Rory?  I spotted this at Shackelford’s website:

“This is one that we strive to make each year, and if I am eligible to play in this tournament and I’m not, I hope every single one of you (in the media) calls me and bashes me for it,” [Spieth] said.


When I heard about Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith getting injured, I thought about golf.

Smith was projected to to be an NFL first round draft choice.  He stands to lose a lot of money (even though he, fortunately, had a personal injury insurance policy).  It should be pointed out that NCAA college football and the NFL ban players from going directly from high school to the pros.  College football is a very lucrative business, after all, and a superb farm system for the NFL.

Even though an injury of the magnitude of Smith’s is unlikely in golf, I’m glad golf allows players to bypass college if they so desire.  Many do so.  Rory McIlroy.  Emiliano Grillo.  I’m a fan of college football, but it’s not right to force players to play for free (basically) when they could sign for millions.


The golf season starts today.  I don’t care what anybody says, that’s when it starts.  Last year ended when Jason Day won the PGA, and this year starts today.  Unless you want to say it starts in Augusta.

Late afternoon/evening golf on television sounds good.  Normally, I like early morning East Coast tee times, but it will be nice tonight to watch the action in Hawaii from the cold and dark of winter.

It won’t matter much this week, but I wonder if free online streaming of PGA Tour action is now a thing of the past.  I used to love the streams, but it’s amazing how quickly the pay model made me lose interest.  The streams were nice, but hardly indispensable.


Sports journalism doesn’t have to be awful.  It really doesn’t.  I have been reading about the upcoming NCAA National Championship game, and the contrast between what’s being written there and what we golf fans have to suffer through is staggering.  Two examples, one from ESPN The Magazine, one from

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5 Responses to The Year’s First Semi-Live Blog (Formerly known as Thursday Thoughts: Sobel’s Fairytale Revisited and Other Stuff)

  1. GolfFan says:

    I think the college football rule does have some merits. Just about any kid that has the ability to play college ball, is still developing, so for them to go up against veteran NFL guys who are, say 28-30 could get ugly.

    It’s a bigger issue with me in college basketball. The whole one and done situation is a joke. Just about anyone who is actually good enough (i.e. not one of those guys that has no business going early) to leave after one year of college ball, likely is good enough to compete out of high school.

  2. GolfFan says:

    Admittedly, I do the fantasy golf thing and in the league I’m in we are limited to just 10 starts for each player. So, decided to forego Spieth and Day, which was tough. But I got Bubba, Patrick and JB so I appear to be doing okay given I sidestepped the two superstars this week.

  3. GolfFan says:

    On another note, Kelly Tilghman seem to be noticeably absent thus far. Not sure what that means but it is noticeable.

  4. Center Ice says:

    Tilghman has been absent on Twitter…her last post was Sept. 10, 2015. Up to that point she was an aggressive Tweeter and has 102,000 followers which is a bunch.

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